Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Troy LAROCQUE (B&E Daytime Felony, Poss Burglarious Intrument)

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident.

On June 22, 2018 at approximately 16:51 hours, while assigned to marked unit West-6, I was dispatched to xx Thorndike Street for a report of someone breaking a glass window to a front door and entering the residence. I arrived on scene at this address and found the front door’s large glass window had been smashed in and the door was closed. I could hear voices whispering and shuffling about inside the house. I announced my presence three times and demanded someone come out which went unanswered. I then pushed in the broken door and was finally answered by a male later identified as XXXX. XXXX came from the living room area of the home and I directed him to walk down the hallway towards me with his hands visible. By this time Officers C. Collette and Johnson arrived to assist. I could hear that there were additional people inside the house and then another male, later identified as Troy Larocque, appeared in the hallway and was directed to exit the house in the same manner. Finally, a female known to me as YYYY was also directed to exit the home.

I spoke with the reporting party in this matter, ZZZZ. ZZZZ was visiting next door at xx Thorndike Street. She reports that as she was entering the house she observed the male later identified as Troy Larocque, walking around xx Thorndike apparently agitated. It should be noted that ZZZZ was outside of xx Thorndike as we spoke and made a reference to Larocque who was standing in front of xx Thorndike as she described what happened. She stated that she observed Larocque to be agitated and suspicious because he was walking around the house muttering to himself and grunting in an aggressive manner and possibly looking in windows. She states that she observed him walk onto the front porch of xx Thorndike Street, and seconds later heard glass shattering. When she looked back to the porch she saw that Larocque had entered the residence.

I observed that Larocque had fresh cuts on his arm and elbows that were bleeding. I asked him if he had any property inside the house and he informed me he had a wallet, phone, and backpack and stated the wallet and phone were in the kitchen and his backpack was in the living room. While the parties were detained I entered the residence and found glass all over the floor in the inside of the hallway (photo attached). In the area of the living room, near Larocque’s backpack, I found a white shirt covered with blood and a hammer with spots of blood on it. I brought the white shirt outside and upon viewing it Larocque exclaimed that it was his and the blood was from the cuts on his arms and elbows. Larocque stated that he did not live in the home but was a friend of the resident WWWW, who was arrested by Somerville Police on June 21, 2018 (Incident #18037032) and had permission to be in the home. Larocque could not explain why he forced his way into the house, apparently using a hammer to smash the front door window, however. I then spoke with XXXX and YYYY. They stated that they accompanied Larocque to the residence but were not sure whose house it was. They went to the backdoor and they couldn’t get in and Larocque told them to wait there. They report that at this point Larocque went around the house to the front, and a short time later appeared inside the home and opened the back door for them. No party involved could articulate what they planned to do inside the residence.

Based on the above information, I contacted dispatch and asked the transport vehicle Unit #200 to respond. Troy Larocque was transported to the station by Officer Buswell where he was booked by Lt. Rymill for violations of M.G.L. ch 266 §18B B&E daytime for felony and M.G.L. ch. 266 §49 Possession of a burglarious tool.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Anderson #315

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