Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Samuel VILSAINT (Shoplifting, Disorderly Subsq., Threat to Commit Crime)

The following is a summary of events that pertain to incident #18035935 which occurred on June 16, 2018.

At 2:17 P.M. , I was dispatched to Stop & Shop, 779 McGrath Highway, for a report of an unruly shoplifter. Loss prevention advised Somerville Police Dispatcher that the shoplifter had made his way outside and was yelling , refusing to cooperate. Officer Chris Fusco was also dispatched as my backup. Once on scene, I observed a male party standing in front of the main entrance of the grocery store berating the loss prevention officer, XXXX. I immediately exited my vehicle and attempted to calm this irate individual, later identified as Mr. Samuel Vilsaint, my efforts were useless and Mr. Vilsaint continued his tirade. After many failed attempts in calming Mr. Vilsaint down, I requested that we returned to the privacy of the loss prevention office to discuss the matter. Mr. Vilsaint began to yell even louder , saying ” I don’t pay for shit, I never pay for shit”. A group of shoppers as well as employees of Stop & Shop began to gather to observe Mr. Vilsaints actions. As Mr. Vilsaint continued to yell a mother walking out of the grocery store with the her young daughter heard Mr. Vilsaints vulgar language and immediately grabbed her daughters hand and briskly walked away to remove her daughter from the area. At this time, Mr. Vilsaint was placed in handcuffs and escorted to the loss prevention office. The entire walk to the office he continued his tirade, as we walked passed each register both the cashier and patrons stopped and stared at Mr. Vilsaint. Once in the officer Mr. Vilsaint turned his aggression towards Mr. XXXX. He began yelling obscenities at him and stated, ” I’m going to come back for you and punch you in the jaw”.

I asked Mr. XXXX to explain to me what occurred. He stated that he observed Mr. Vilsaint putting items in to his coat pockets and then into a shopping bag. He did not make any attempts to purchase the items and walked directly out the exit. He attempted to stop Mr. Vilsaint , but he became combative. The total value of the items stolen from the store was $46.68. All of the items were returned to the store.

Mr. Vilsaint was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters by unit 200, Officer Tim VanNostrand, where he was booked by Lt. R. Lavey. Mr. Samuel Vilsaint will be charged with the following:

266/30A/A – Shoplifting by asportation

272/53/J – Disorderly conduct, subsequent. off

275/2 – Threats to commit crime

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph Moreira Patrolman #320

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