Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Michael SHIPPEE (RS CC, Improper CC Use Under, Identity Fraud, Larceny from Building…)

On the morning of Wednesday, June 13, 2018, I, Detective Robert M. Pasqualino, was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Unit as Delta 6. At approximately 10:00 AM, I received a case requiring further investigation. The case is in regards to a stolen credit card and U.S Passport. The reporting party/victim, Mr. XXXX reported his credit card and passport missing form his room located at 5x Sydney Street. Mr. XXXX also reported that his credit card was used at multiple locations throughout the City of Somerville.

Mr. XXXX, was able to provide a list of locations that his card was used, the list was furnished by his banking establishment. Upon entering the Speedway gas station located at 709 McGrath Highway, I observed Detective M. Pulli speaking to the manager on a different matter. After explaining to the manager why I was there he immediately pulled the video footage for the illegal transaction of $205.72. Immediately upon seeing the suspect in the monitor Detective Pulli was able to make a positive identification of the suspect. The once unidentified white male was now identified as Michael Shippee of 54 Sydney Street Somerville, Ma. The manager provided me with still photos of the transaction along with a video.

The next location was Stop and Shop located at 775 McGrath Highway, the credit card in question was charged $65.27 at this location. I spoke to the store manager in regards to obtaining video footage of the transaction. The store manager informed me that I will need to make a formal request to their security company.  The third location was convenience store located at 460 Mystic Avenue. I introduced myself to the store employee and explained why I was there. He showed me video footage of Michael Shippee once again using the same stole credit card to purchase groceries and Cigarettes. Michael did two separate transactions on this occasion, the first for $36.00 and the second for $107.50. Michael at some point on the same day 06/11/2018, used the credit card at the K2 Beer and Wine shop located at 500 Medford St, in Somerville. the total charged at this location was $661.67, this was done by two separate transactions on the same visit. Yet another victim in this story is the M and M Convenience store located at 4 Main St. in Somerville, Ma. Michael was able to charge $420.00 worth of cigarettes on the card with the assistance of the stolen U.S Passport. The last store on Michael’s shopping spree was the Broadway Market located at 1174 Broadway in Somerville, Ma. Michael successfully charged an additional $321.00 in cigarettes.

After leaving the Broadway Market Detective Pulli informed me that he would be able to contact Mr. Shippee if that was something I would like him to do. I explained to Detective Pulli everything that was going on, and advised him to place a call to Mr. Shippee to see if he would like to talk. Moments later Detective Pulli called me to let me know that Michael was very willing to talk, and he would meet us at the police station. While at the station waiting for Michael, Detective Pulli sent Michael a text asking where he was? Michael in turn called Detective Pulli, and explained that he was at the Rite Aid on Broadway in Somerville. Detective made the offer of picking Michael up due to it raining at the time. Michael accepted the offer, and Detective Pulli and I proceeded to the Rite Aid. Once at the Rite Aid Michael approached us, and I introduced myself. I asked escorted Michael to the police station so we could have a conversation in regards to the credit card use.

Once at the station I along Detective Pulli escorted Mr. Shippee to an audio and video recorded room. After the recording system was activated, I read Mr. Shippee his right pursuant to Miranda from a form located here at the Somerville Police Station. Michael acknowledged that he understood the form and then proceeded to sign it. I then proceeded to ask Michael if he knew why I wanted to talk to him? Michael replied “The credit card”. I explained to Michael as to how I became involved in the case, and would like to hear his side of the story. Michael simply admitted (On video), that he was responsible for the charges to the credit card at all of the locations. Michael at no point denied using the card, in fact he wanted to pay restitution. After a brief interview, Michael explained that he obtained the U.S Passport first, and that is what gave him the idea of taking the credit card. Michael described to me that the passport was located in the common bathroom of their rooming house when he took it. The credit card was taken by Michael second, it was located on the kitchen table. Michael was asked why he did what he did? Michael replied “Because he owes me money”. Michael also detailed how the only one establishment required an identification, and that is when he used it to pose as the victim in this matter. Michael discarded the credit card after it was declined at the Stop and Shop, not before it was used successfully. Any and all evidence related to this case will be placed in to a secure evidence locker, and will be made available upon request. Michael was subsequently placed under arrest, and booked in the usual manner by Sgt. K. Shackleford.

Respectfully submitted, Detective Robert M. Pasqualino #271 Somerville Police Department

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