Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Taris WILSON (Shoplifting, VCO Poss DW) & Somerville Warrant

The following is a summary of facts pertaining to incident #18034564:

On Sunday, June 10, 2018, I was assigned to marked unit East 4. At approximately 4:21 pm, I was dispatched to the Saks Off 5th Outlet located at 300 Canal St for the report of someone shoplifting. While enroute, Somerville Dispatched informed responding units that the reporting party, XXXX, whom is a Saks Loss Prevention officer, stated that the suspect exited the store onto Grand Union BLVD and was running towards the train station on Foley St. XXXX described the suspect as a black male, wearing a black shirt with white lettering, sunglasses, and red sneakers. Officer Lorenti (East 3) responded as backup.

On scene, Officer Lorenti and I met XXXX in front of the train station. I asked XXXX if he saw the suspect enter the train station. XXXX said he did not. XXXX said he was following the suspect but could not keep up with him. He said he saw the suspect turn right onto Assembly Row and then lost him. I asked XXXX to describe the suspect again. XXXX said the suspect was a black male, 6’4, black shirt with white lettering, sunglasses, red sneakers, carrying a black bag in which he placed the two shirts and two pairs of sneakers taken from the store.

Officer Lorenti, XXXX, and I went into the train station and down onto the platform to check to see if the suspect was waiting for a train. Once down on the platform, we saw a black male who fit the description we were given. XXXX positively identified the black male as the shoplifter. I asked the black male his name. The black male told me his name was “Mike”. He said, “I didn’t do anything this is harassment.” I asked the balk male what his last name was. He said, “I don’t have to tell you, I didn’t do anything”. I told him that he had been identified as someone that had just stolen some merchandise from Saks Off 5th. The black male said, “that was not me, that was my friend”. I asked him where is friend was. He said, “I don’t know”. During my interaction, I received a phone call from Officer Fusco, who was assigned to East 2. Officer Fusco informed me that based upon the description that he heard, he believed the suspect to be Taris Wilson, a well known shoplifter at the Assembly Outlets. Officer Fusco also informed me that he believed Taris had an active warrant. I asked the black male once again what his name was. This time he said his name was Taris Wilson. A query of Taris Wilson, revealed he did in fact have an active warrant out of Somerville District Court. Taris was then placed under arrest.

While waiting for transport to the station, Officer Lorenti searched the area of the platform in which we initially saw Taris standing. Officer Lorenti found a black bag with two t-shirts and two pairs of sneakers in it. XXXX positively identified the items as the merchandise stolen from Saks. Please see the receipt for the items stolen which is attached in PDF form to this report.

Search incident to arrest, per department policy, Taris was found to be in possession of a black handled stainless steel folding knife which is a violation of VCO Possession of Dangerous Weapons, SCO 9 96. The knife was logged in to evidence and placed into evidence locker #2.

Taris is being charged with Shoplifting by Concealing Merchandise c266 S30A and VCO Possession of Dangerous Weapons, SCO 9 96. Taris was transported to the station in unit 200 by Officer Buswell, where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Rymill.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Shaun Clark #321

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