Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Fransisco RASATE-REYES (A&B, Disorderly, Trespass, False ID to LE)

On 06/09/2018, I Officer Thomas Lambert was in full uniform while assigned to marked cruiser East-1 during the 4pm-12am shift along with my partner Officer Devin Schneider. At approximately 9:34pm I was dispatched to xxxx restaurant for an unwanted male who identified himself as Cruz Vasquez.

After arriving on scene, we noticed a man lying on the floor, just inside the door at the restaurant identified as “Mr. Vasquez”. “Mr. Vasquez” appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, rolling around on the floor shouting, and slurring his speech. I would also note that the restaurant was occupied by roughly 12 other people who watched as the spectacle unfolded.

A female later identified as XXXX was holding another female who was crying hysterically and grasping her stomach, appearing to be in pain. The female in distress was identified as YYYY. Mrs. XXXX was able to translate in Mrs. YYYY’s native language of Spanish and describe what happened. I learned the following information based on Mrs. XXXX’s translated statements to me:

Mr. Vasquez is a regular visitor at xxxx and usually highly intoxicated when coming into the restaurant. Today after coming in, the employees believed he was highly intoxicated and asked him to leave. Mr. Vasquez then started acting belligerent and entered the kitchen through the swinging gate that separates the kitchen from the main dining area. I’d like to note that the swinging gate to enter the kitchen has a posted sign stating employees only. At this time Mr. Vasquez allegedly assaulted  Mrs. YYYY by punching her in the right abdominal area. She informed us that she was one month pregnant and had a pulsating pain originating from her abdominal area that was not there before. The other employees rushed to her aid by pushing Mr. Vasquez away. Mr. Vasquez fell with his left arm pressing into the stove, causing a burn on his left forearm. I spoke with other witnesses inside the restaurant, ZZZZ and ZZZZ who corroborated the story told by the party involved.

Mrs. YYYY was transported to Cambridge hospital and treated for her injury. Mr. Vasquez was transported to Somerville hospital and treated for the burn on his left forearm and advised that he was under arrest. He was then transported by prisoner transport unit 200 operated Officer Justin Buswell, to the station where he was booked by Lt. Richard Lavey in the usual manner.

Mr. Vasquez will be charged with the following:

A&B Ch. 265 S13A

Disorderly Conduct Ch. 272 S53

Trespassing Ch. 266 S120

After Mr. Vasquez was booked and fingerprinted, his fingerprint record revealed his true identity to be Francisco Rasate-Reyes. I will be taking out an additional complaint for Mr. Reyes for furnishing a false name to a police officer post arrest.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Thomas Lambert

Badge #347

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