Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Joseph SHAHBAZIAN (A&B DW, Threat to Commit Crime)

The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident 18030106:

On Monday, May 21, 2018, I was working a paid road detail for xxxxxx Construction Company on Cedar Street.  At approximately 12:10 P.M. I was being flagged down by several workers for xxxxx and an unknown female at the corner of Cedar Street and Cedar Avenue.  It appeared that something serious was occurring as these people were flapping their arms in the air in a nervous manner.  As I ran around the corner onto Cedar Avenue I observed a male party, later identified as Mr. Joseph Shahbazian, yelling at several of the construction workers.  Mr. Shahbazian was yelling obscene and hateful words such as, “Fuck you, you gay mother fuckers.”  I asked Mr. Shahbazian to calm down so I could find out what had occurred.  Mr. Shahbazian looked at me and stated, “I want you faggots off my property.”  In a state of shock I asked, “Excuse me? What did you just say?”  Mr. Shahbazian then stated he wanted the workers to leave his property as he owned the home at the corner of Cedar Street and Cedar Avenue.  I explained to Mr. Shahbazian that the workers were on a public way and were not on his property.  Mr. Shahbazian stated that the work around his home has been going on for years.  I then explained to him that the work was nearing an end and that the workers were just trying to fix the streets and sidewalks near his home.  Mr. Shahbazian yelled at me stating that he could not get into his driveway and had to park his vehicle around the corner.  I asked Mr. Shahbazian if he had asked the workers to move to which he replied he did not ask them to move.  I asked Mr. Shahbazian to calm down once again as he began swearing at one worker in particular, Mr. XXXX.

Mr. XXXX stated that he was on his lunch break when Shahbazian walked to the work truck and began kicking the truck multiple times.  Mr. XXXX asked Shahbazian to stop kicking the car and asked what the problem was, as this incident occurred out of nowhere.  Shahbazian became outraged with XXXX and yelled profanities at him, telling him to go fuck himself.  Mr. XXXX did not want any problems with Shahbazian so he attempted to walk away.  As Mr. XXXX turned around Shahbazian kicked him in his lower back/upper buttocks area causing XXXX to almost fall forward.  Mr. XXXX turned around and became upset with Shahbazian but resisted any thoughts of becoming physical with him.  I would like to note that this entire incident occurred in front of two other xxxx workers, Mr. YYYY, and Mr. ZZZZ.  Mr. XXXX stated he just wanted Shahbazian to leave but was in discomfort from the assault.  XXXX looked at Shahbazian and stated, “All you had to do was ask us to move the truck and we would have.”  I asked Shahbazian to go into his home and to calm down as he was still yelling in the street.

Shahbazian began walking up the side stairs to his home and stopped halfway up.  Shahbazian then stated “Yeah I fucking kicked that gay mother fucker, I did.” Once again, being stunned that someone would be yelling these hateful words, I asked Shahbazian to calm down or I would place him under arrest.  Shahbazian looked at the xxxx workers and me and yelled, “I’ll kill all you gay, faggot mother fuckers.”  Shahbazian then quickly began to walk up the remaining steps where I asked him to stop.  At this point, due to Mr. Shahbazian’s manner, hateful words, and threats to kill, I was worried for the safety of the workers as well as my own.  The potential that Shahbazian may attempt to arm himself inside of his home and attack someone became more prevalent as I could see his demeanor become increasingly more angry.  I ran to Shahbazian and placed him under arrest.  As I attempted to place Shahbazian in custody he initially resisted my efforts and yelled, “Don’t touch me mother fucker.”  I was able to place Shahbazian in custody and radioed to Somerville Dispatch that I needed to mobile detention unit as I had one party under arrest.

While awaiting for the mobile detention unit, marked unit West-6, Officer Driscoll, arrived on scene. Officer Driscoll asked what had occurred and while I was explaining the situation, Shahbazian told Officer Driscoll that he did not care because he has many friends in the Somerville Police Department.  Mr. Shahbazian was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer Rivera, where he was booked in the usual manner by Sergeant Sylvester.  Mr. XXXX refused medical attention at this time but stated he would seek his own medical attention closer to his home.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Fernando Cicerone #279

One thought on “Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Joseph SHAHBAZIAN (A&B DW, Threat to Commit Crime)”

  1. I am appalled at the conduct of this man saying those vile thing to those construction workers. I happen to know those men and they are very good workers and I also know the owner of that company and he is a very good owner, he hires nothing but the best. The officer involved while on assignment there, I Know him, he is a tremendous officer and a great asset of the S.P.D.. Being on these assignments is never easy, and running into this bigot/homophobic/assaulter just makes it more difficult. Also, once again it proves that officers on assignment at no cost to the city provide added safety and security to those law abiding citizens of Somerville.

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