Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Eddy RUIZ-MONTAS (Distribute B, Unlicensed MV Op, Furnish False Name/SSN)

The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident #18027977:

On Friday, May 11, 2018, I was working in the Somerville Police Drug Unit as Delta-18.  At approximately 6:00 P.M. I was in the area of Central Street and Robinson Street where my attention was drawn to a male known to me as XXXX.  Mr. XXXX is a known opiate abuser and I have personally filed criminal charges (later found to be guilty) against him for possession of a Class A drug.  Mr. XXXX was walking from his residence on the phone and appeared to be looking for someone.  At one point, Mr. XXXX was walking west on Robinson Street and immediately turned around and began walking east towards Central Street.  Mr. XXXX then waved to a gray Toyota Prius gaining the attention of the driver.  As I drove past the Prius I noticed a Hispanic male inside who was staring at me. Mr. XXXX got into the rear passenger side door and the vehicle began to drive towards Medford Street.

As the vehicle was now in front of me I radioed to other Detectives, (Sergeant Capasso, and Detectives McNally and Costa), the plate was a Massachusetts xxxx.  The Prius took a left onto Medford Street where a rolling surveillance was maintained. The Prius drove left onto Partridge, left onto Vernon, left onto Central, right back onto Medford Street where it stopped at the corner of Medford Street and Tennyson.  Mr. XXXX got out of the same rear passenger seat, looked around, and the Prius continued on Medford Street towards School Street.  Based on my training and experience, I believed this “meaningless ride” with XXXX to be that of a street level drug transaction.  Detectives McNally, Costa and I stopped Mr. XXXX outside of the convenience store along with K9 Officer Sullivan to conduct a threshold inquiry.  As we were speaking with Mr. XXXX, Sergeant Capasso utilized his emergency blue lights and siren and subsequently stopped the vehicle at the Mobil Gas Station located at the corner of School Street and Medford Street to conduct a threshold inquiry of the Hispanic male driver as well.

Mr. XXXX stated that he had just been walking around and that he never met with anyone.  He then changed his story and stated he met a friend of his that he owed money to.  I asked what his friends name was to which he stated he only knows him as “Johnny.”  Mr. XXXX did not know his last name or could tell me any information about “Johnny” either.  Sergeant Capasso called me via cellular phone and stated the Hispanic male, who had a XXXX license of Jose Martinez, stated he was coming from Dorchester and was going to Target.  The male, who was with his girlfriend as well, stated they did not stop or pick up anyone.  At this time, I explained to XXXX that a similar situation occurred when I charged him with Possession of Heroin.  Mr. XXXX stated he remembered.  I asked Mr. XXXX if he had any drugs on his person to which he stated he had Suboxone and Klonopin in his jeans pocket.  Mr. XXXX then retrieved these items and gave them to me and stated he did not have a prescription for either drug.  I asked Mr. XXXX if that was all the drugs he had.  Mr. XXXX initially stated that he did not have anything else. After a few seconds Mr. XXXX stated he also had Fentanyl in his boot.  I asked Mr. Kerr what had occurred and he said that “Johnny” believed the police were following him so he went on an “extralong” ride to place the drugs in his boot.  Mr. XXXX took his left boot and took out two small glassine baggies containing an off white powdered substance believed to be Fentanyl, a class B drug.   Mr. XXXX stated that he purchased the Fentanyl for one hundred dollars and that he gave “Johnny” a one hundred dollar bill.  I would note that Mr. XXXX had money in his pocket including other new one hundred dollar bills.

At this time I radioed to Sergeant Capasso to arrest the operator of the gray Prius known to us as ZZZZ.  During an inventory of the motor vehicle a new one hundred dollar bill was observed and taken from the Prius center console.  Mr. ZZZZ was placed under arrest without incident and transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officers Desrochers and Scrugli, where he was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant A. Rymill.  Mr. ZZZZ was booked with the name ZZZZ (DOB xxxx) which was taken from his XXXX license.  During the booking process several questions were asked of Mr. ZZZZ relating to his identity.  Mr. ZZZZ appeared to be giving different answers to questions relating to his identity roadside and these same questions were being asked during booking.  Mr. ZZZZ did not know his social security number and other information which related to his identity on his XXXX license.  At this time, Sergeant Capasso, Detectives Costa, McNally, and I believed Mr. ZZZZ to possibly be an imposter posing as a XXXX citizen based on our training and experience.  Mr. ZZZZ was fingerprinted as part of the booking process and his results indicated that Mr. ZZZZ was in fact Eddy Ruiz-Montas  DOB xxxx.  Mr. Ruiz-Montas has an active default warrant out of Charlestown District Court for several different charges including two possession to distribute narcotics and forged RMV documents. Mr. Ruiz-Montas was booked a second time under his real name and date of birth where he admitted to Lieutenant Rymill that he was born in XXXX.

Detective Costa was able to view the 2016 report from Mr. Ruiz-Montas’s warrant.  During this incident State PD Medford arrested Mr. Ruiz-Montas after giving information that he was a XXXX national and had a Massachusetts driver’s license with the name YYYY with a date of birth yyyy.  I would note that Mr. Ruiz-Montas’s alias identifications all contain the same photograph.  Please see any and all supplemental reports pertaining to evidence and roadside stop of Mr. Ruiz-Montas.  The gray Toyota Prius, monies, and two cellular phones taken during this incident were taken and will be subject to forfeiture proceedings. I issued Mr. Ruiz-Montas Massachusetts Uniform Citation R8325926 for his offenses.  I advised Mr. XXXX that I would be filing another criminal complaint against him for his subsequent offenses.  Mr. XXXX stated he understood.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Fernando Cicerone #279

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