Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Valdecir DEAGUIAR (Fail to Stop for Police, Reckless Op of MV, Passing Viol…)

On May 10, 2018, I (Officer Mark Nevin) was working in my assigned marked cruiser (West 5) heading east on Highland Avenue near Cedar St. As I approached the intersection, I began to slow down because the east/west light was red. Ahead of me was a white sedan and a motor cycle. I observed the motorcycle pass the car on the right and stop. When the light turned green, and the motorcycle took off like a shot.

I activated my cruiser’s emergency lights and siren, passed the white car on the left, and pursued the motorcycle. I estimate my top speed while pursing the motorcycle was about 60 mph, and the motorcycle continued to increase its lead. We were nearing the intersection at Central Street, (about .6 mile from Cedar St.) which is normally a busy intersection with vehicles and pedestrians. I did not want to force the motorcycle into a busy intersection, so I slowed down quickly. Then observed the motorcycle slow down and move to the far right so he could pass the other cars, but was unable to because of traffic congestion.

From my vantage point, it appeared that he did not have a clear path through the intersection. I increased my speed and cut off the motorcycle in front of the Once night club. I exited my cruiser and yelled to the operator to turn his motorcycle off. He did not immediately comply, so I removed the keys and threw them on the ground out of reach, had the operator get off his motorcycle, handcuffed him, sat him on the curb, and notified dispatch about the motor vehicle stop.

Officers Schneider (East 1), Rivera (West 6), and C. Collette (West 7) responded to provide assistance. I requested authorization from the street supervisor to tow the motorcycle and requested the prisoner transport wagon. The defendant was transported to the station by Officer Justin Buswell and he was booked by Lt. DeOlivera.

The motorcycle was towed by Pat’s without incident. There was no damage to report and the motorcycle key was left with the motorcycle, and the other keys were returned to the defendant’s property.

The defendant was issued two citations (T0403577 and T0403578) and delivered in hand at the time of his release on bail. The charges are as follows:

– 90/25/D   Fail to Stop for Police

– 90/24/O   Reckless Operation

– 90/16     Harsh and Objectionable Noise

– 89/2      Improper Passing

– 90/17/A   Speeding 60+ for over 1/4 mile

Respectfully submitted by,

Officer Mark Nevin #300

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