Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Charles BURKE Jr (Trafficking Heroin/Morphine/Opium, PWID Cocaine, PWID C & E x 3)

The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident #18028114:

Approximately three years ago, members of the Somerville Police Drug Unit received information from FBI TFO John Oliveira that Charles Burke was distributing Percocet 30 mg pills from xxxx in Somerville.   During the initial surveillance, Detectives intercepted a male, known to us as XXXX, who went into the residence at xxxx and purchased Percocet from Mr. Burke.  XXXX indicated that he in fact purchased Percocet from Burke on a regular basis.  XXX initially agreed to cooperate with police but during our investigation it was learned that XXXX informed Burke of our surveillance.  This initially terminated our investigation at this time.

Members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit were recently informed that Burke was still distributing Percocet as well as other narcotics.  A drug investigation of Mr. Charles Burke was initiated of his alleged role in the ongoing distribution of Cocaine. The alleged distribution occurs from xxxxx. This residence is located at xxxxx, Somerville, MA 02145.  This investigation was launched upon receiving intelligence and cooperation from a confidential source.

At the conclusion of this drug investigation, a search warrant application was requested by me at the Somerville District Court  by Clerk Elaine Walsh on Thursday, May 10, 2018. This search warrant (1810-SW-0022) was granted by the court authorizing the search of the following:

#1- The residence of xxxx, MA 02145 (search warrant docket # 1810-SW-0022).

#2- The person of Charles Burke, date of birth xxxx (search warrant docket # 1810-SW-0022).

On Saturday, May 12, 2018, Sergeant Detectives Rego and Capasso along with Detectives McNally, Costa, and I set up surveillance around xxxx.  At approximately 10:30 A.M. observations were made of Mr. Burke exiting and entering his Maroon Lexus sedan bearing Massachusetts registration xxxx.  Mr. Burke quickly began to put his vehicle in gear and a rolling surveillance was kept of Burke as he went into Chelsea.  Burke stopped at a Methadone Clinic in Chelsea located on Crescent Street and went to a Dunkin Donuts directly next to the clinic.  Mr. Burke never exited the vehicle and after approximately fifteen minutes Mr. Burke drove to another Dunkin Donuts located at the corner of Stockton Street and Broadway.  Burke exited his vehicle and appeared to be looking for someone.  After a few moments Burke got back into his vehicle and drove down Stockton Street to the Chelsea Home Depot.  Burke parked directly next to a white Infiniti SUV bearing MA registration xxxx.  Burke got into the passenger side of the vehicle and met with a white male seated in the driver’s side seat.  The two exited and went into Home Depot together.  Within a few minutes the two exited Home Depot and went on their separate ways.  In my training and experience I believed Mr. Burke and the white male just completed a street level drug transaction.

The white Infiniti SUV left the parking lot quickly as Burke sat in the Lexus on and off the phone.  Within five minutes Burke began driving out of the Home Depot parking lot and directly into the adjoining McDonald’s parking lot and into the parking lot of Chelsea Place apartment building.  Burke sat inside of his vehicle on and off the phone until a brown Infiniti sedan bearing Massachusetts registration xxxx pulled into the lot.  A Hispanic male exited the Infiniti as Burke exited the Lexus.  Burke and this Hispanic male walked into the Chelsea Place apartments together.  Within two minutes Burke walked out of a different door and into the Lexus.  At this time, I believed Burke to once again have completed a street level drug transaction.  Burke then began to drive out of the parking lot where he then drove onto route 16 heading towards Somerville.  Burke drove back to xxxx.

As Burke exited the Lexus Sergeant Rego, along with Detectives McNally, Costa and I approached him with our badges clearly displayed on our outermost garment.  Burke was notified and shown a copy of the search warrant and stated he understood.  Burke was then read his rights pursuant to Miranda by Detective McNally from a card he keeps.  Burke stated he understood his rights.  At this time Marked unit East-1, Officers Schneider and Lambert, arrived to assist detectives.  Burke was brought into the residence so that the search warrant could be executed.

During the search warrant execution approximately 11 grams of Fentanyl, 7 grams of cocaine, 24 Xanax pills, 3 trazadone tablets, 48 clonodine pills, and 3.5 Quetiapine tablets were seized.  Also seized was a digital scale, baggies for distribution, cellular phones, and over five thousand dollars in US currency.  I would note that the amount of narcotics together as well as baggies and scale is that of someone who intends to distribute them.  During the search warrant execution Burke stated that he was not employed.

Mr. Burke was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer Buswell, where he was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant A. Rymill.  I would note that the preliminary weight of the Fentanyl was over 10 grams which falls into the Trafficking statute.  Mr. Burke’s Lexus sedan was towed to Somerville Police Headquarters via Pat’s Tow where it will be subject to forfeiture along with the money seized.  Please see Detective McNally’s report for all evidence seized/confiscated.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Fernando Cicerone #279

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