Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Tyrese MYERS-GETHERS (A&B PO, VCO Poss DW, Shoplifting) at TJ Max Assembly Row

On the above date and time I, Officer Ariel Collazo, was working at Assembly Square as Alpha 2. I was dispatched to TJ Maxx for a report of a past shoplifting, where a male took a pair of sandals.

Upon arrival, I proceeded to the loss prevention office, where I was met by loss prevention officer xxxx. xxxx began telling me that before my arrival, two males had entered the store and one male stole a pair of sandals. As xxxx was giving me this information, he spotted the two involved males in the store again.

One of the males was seen speaking to an unidentified person at the front of the store.  After this interaction, both males exited the store and made their way in the direction of Kmart. When I went outside, I noticed both males entering Kmart. At this point, I requested additional units. As I entered Kmart, both males were at the front of the store. The defendant, identified later as Tyrese Myers-Gethers, had a pair of green Nike sneakers and a brown paper bag in his hands. I approached both individuals to conduct a threshold inquiry. One of the males took off running. Tyrese also tried to run, however he pushed me, and I was able to grab his arm, effectively stopping him. Also, as he was trying to run past me, he threw a knife to the ground, that was later collected and will be marked as evidence. We both fell to the ground. He then tried to break free from my grasp, but was unable to. Eventually, I was able to put him on the ground and handcuff him. During the scuffle, I sustained injuries to my left elbow and knee.  At this point, marked units East 1, Officers VanNostrand and Scrugli and East 4, Officers Canty and DaCosta, arrived on scene. The prisoner transport wagon was called, and Tyrese was transported to the Somerville Police Department, where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt. W. Rymill.

I made my way back to TJ Maxx and spoke to xxxx. xxxx stated that Tyrese walked in with an unknown male who was wearing a Champion t-shirt. They made their way to a display of sandals, where Tyrese picked up a pair of sandals. After he picked up the sandals, Tyrese walked around the store with the unknown male. At some point, Tyrese handed over a pair of sneakers to the unknown male, and Tyrese leaves the area. Through video, xxxx is able to tell that Tyrese is wearing the sandals that he had taken moments before. xxxx tried to stop him, but was unable to because Tyrese spotted him and was able to exit the store quickly. Tyrese did not make an attempt to pay for the sandals at any point.

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Ariel Collazo #268

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