Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Zachary COLON (Armed Robbery)

On April 11th, 2018 I, Officer Steven Scrugli (Badge #348) was on uniformed patrol in unit East-1 with Officer Tim Van Nostrand. At 12:12pm we responded to the XXXX Restaurant at 1xx Broadway, Somerville MA. for a report of a robbery. Upon arrival I was met by the reporting party/victim: XXXX (DOB: XXXX). XXXX stated that he had he just exited Santander Bank which is next to the XXXX restaurant when he was approached by a Hispanic female attempting to sell chocolates and candy. As XXXX took his wallet out of his pocket he was assaulted from behind with a closed fist punch to the back of the head by a male described as a white, 19-23 years old, 5’10” tall, 160lbs, wearing a black jacket, and white T-shirt. XXXX refused to give up his wallet and then the male suspect ripped some personal papers of his hands and subsequently dropped them as he fled down Minnesota Ave. from Broadway, XXXXthen called 911. The general description of the suspect was put out over the air to other officers in the area. Within a few minutes Officer Shaun Clark (East-4) notified that he had a possible suspect fitting the description stopped at the corner of Illinois Ave. and Broadway. By this time Detective Al Monaco (D7) had arrived to my location and stayed with XXXX while Officer Van Nostrand and I went to backup Officer Clark.

The suspect was initially evasive and not forthcoming in providing his information or giving an accurate account of his recent whereabouts. The suspect was identified as: Zachary Colon (DOB: xxxx). Colon stated that he had been with his girlfriend who he identified as YYYY of Plaistow NH. and they had a verbal fight and then he got out of a car and she left. Initially Colon claimed that he was just visiting Somerville and had no knowledge or involvement in any assault in the area. Colon stated that he did not know the area as he was from Maine. When asked by Officers where is his girlfriend was he stated that he did not know but that he had tried to call her using a local business phone but did not name which business. Colon stated that he did not have a cell phone. As I asked Colon for his identifying information and that of his girlfriend he stated to me that he did not know her phone number, to which I asked then how did he know what phone number to dial to call her. Colon upon realizing that his story was falling apart admitted that he had not made any phone call and that his girlfriend dropped him off and drove away in a silver 4 door Honda with an unknown MA registration.

It was decided to conduct a show up identification on Colon. Det. Monoco read and reviewed the show up instructions with XXXX. The show up was performed in a non-suggestive manner with Colon not in handcuffs and standing next to Detective Mark Pulli in plain clothes. XXXX made a positive identification. I placed Colon under arrest and double locked the handcuffs for his safety. Just after being placed in handcuffs Colon made a spontaneous utterance admitting to the assault and battery. I informed Colon that I wanted to continue to speak with him, but that I would first read him his Miranda Rights from a card which I carry. Colon stated that he had completed schooling up to the 10th grade and that he clearly could read and understand English. Colon stated to me that he understood his rights and was willing to cooperate. Colon denied the robbery but did admit to the assault but claimed that it was a because XXXX had made a verbal insult of his girlfriend. Colon also had a cut with blood on the outside of his left hand which was consistent with the physical assault on XXXX. Colon was also carrying on his person at the time of the robbery a black folding pocket knife with a 3.5 inch blade which is in violation of Somerville city ordinance. The show up checklist, the knife, and pictures of his injury were all logged into evidence.

Zachary Colon was transported by Officer Brown in Unit 200 to Somerville Police where he was booked in the usual manner and afforded all his rights. He will be charged with:

MGL Ch. 265, Sec 17. Armed Robbery

MGL Ch. 265, Sec 13A. Assault and Battery

VCO SCO 9 96. Possession of Dangerous Weapon

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Steven Scrugli (Badge #348)

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