Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jamal ESCOBAR (Trespass)

“Report entered by SPD Records Personnel based upon report by SHA (LC)”

The following is a brief summary of facts pertaining to incident #18021885.

On 04/13/2018 at 5pm while getting on duty for the Somerville Housing Police, I observed a dozen individuals jumping around between the rear of 5 Canal and 5 River Road.

This activity caught my eye as would any large group of individuals gathering here in the Mystic River development especially in light of our recent gang related criminal activities. For the residents safety I drove close to the group to make sure there were no criminal activity afoot.

I found no criminal activity but a large group of individuals shooting what looked to be a music/rap video. At this point I observed at least 2 individuals who had been TRESPASSED from all SHA owned properties. Those individuals were Jamal Escobar DOB xxxx and XXXX DOB xxxx both of whom I POSITIVELY identified.

I called my supervisor Chief Meade who arrived moments later with a few SPD units to assist. As Chief Meade arrived several individuals hurriedly left the area up the stairs going towards the Healey Elementary School- one of them being XXXXX (a criminal application will be filed for his violation).

We took Jamal Escobar into custody on the TRESPASS violation without incident.

While waiting for the SPD transport van Unit 200 to arrive Mr. Escobar politely asked me officer Sean when did I get Trespassed?  I reminded him that I had advised him approximately 2 years ago in front of xx Memorial Road that he had been Trespassed several years earlier and that he was subject to arrest if seen on the property in the future.

A copy of the original report incident and Trespass order are attached to this report. SPD Unit 200 arrived and transported Mr. Escobar to the Somerville Police station where he was booked in the usual manner.

Respectfully submitted,

Sean Browne-Investigator

Somerville Housing Police

Badge # 919

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