The Somerville News Weekly Roundtable with Billy Tauro:Who Really Murdered Deanna Cremin and Is This Case Being Neglected?

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This Roundtable session with Billy Tauro will be possibly red flagged as one of the most important Roundtables sessions that we have ever broadcasted to date.

Today with us we have special guests, Deanna Cremin’s two aunts Sandra Cowie and Patricia D. Reilly.

Also here today with us is Arlene DiRusso, half sister to a person that she is revealing and telling us her story of her half brother who could be the possible man who murdered Deanna Cremin 23 years ago who had fled the state one month after the murder and moved himself and his entire family to Missouri allegedly to hide.

Arlene’s voice had fallen on deaf ears more than six years ago when she had first come forward with this new evidence that she ultimately met with the SomervillePolice and the mayor at his office.  Since then no follow up, no recorded statement nor interview has ever taken place with this witness.

Listen to the entire broadcast and try to determine in your minds, hearts and souls of what this potential witness is shedding light on with her confession of the 23 year old murder.

And please remember this is a major lead and additional evidence in this twenty-three year old case that has turned stone cold. Also please remember that the accused is innocent or unless otherwise proven guilty in a court of law. But the problem here is hopefully getting a suspect into a court of law without any further red taped bureaucracy stalling tactics in the case for any reason at all.

After hearing this prerecorded interview, we urge listeners to call Somerville City Hall at (617)625-6600 and demand that the mayor make arrangements with the proper investigative authorities involved in this case to reach out to this witness who is voluntarily offering to submit a DNA sample that will match her half brother’s DNA to prove her theory on who the actual killer is.

Twenty-three years is an awful long time for this case to remain unsolved. Let’s not  prolong this case any further. Lets get justice for Deanna and long overdue closure to Deanna’s family so let’s get this done.

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6 thoughts on “The Somerville News Weekly Roundtable with Billy Tauro:Who Really Murdered Deanna Cremin and Is This Case Being Neglected?”

  1. “Heresay” is not admissible in court and cannot be used as evidence. A lot of what she is saying is just that. I also find it unfortunate that alleged victims of incest have been outed. I certainly don’t know what’s true or not but be careful what you make public without any disclaimers because unless proven… there’s a lot of defamation of character. Certainly EVERY lead should be followed but again… the police would need to get the information straight from the people who have heard it directly.

      1. Everyone knows the boyfriend did it but there’s no proof and there never will be proof.. This is the fault for whoever was working at Somerville Police at that time.

        1. “Everyone knows the boyfriend did it but there’s no proof and there never will be proof.”

          So, if there’s no proof and there never will be proof, then how do we know for sure that he did it in the first place?

          ANSWER: He must be subpoenaed to appear before a Grand Jury. Why hasn’t that happened? Because you’re right, there is indeed a cover-up.

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