Letter to the Editor: Is There Alleged Culpability in Covering Up Crimes in the City of Somerville by Certain High Level Officials?

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Here’s my personal story:

As some of you may know, I was a blogger for a well known case of the murder of a woman on the Cape in January 2002.

At the time I began writing about the case, most believed the killer was an average guy, someone who knew the victim, a boyfriend a black trash collector, who 4-5 years later was sentenced to 30 years without the chance of parole.

Attorney Robert George, was his defense attorney, who also defended Eddie O’Brien of Somerville who continues to serve his sentence for murdering a woman in Somerville who some believe is innocent.

In my opinion, there are similarities in the cases— people of interest who were different known drug dealers from Somerville.

In the case involving the woman on the Cape, there were 3 well known persons of interest, from long time families in Somerville. One of the person’s of interest had committed murder in one of the local hotels in Somerville and served a 9 year sentence, in the 1990’s. During the investigation, many were writing about the case, few understanding the complicated detours it would take and even today wonder if the right guy is behind bars.

I had no idea that Bob George was going to name these people at the trial, people from my home town, people with connections allegedly to a notorious gang dating back to 1960’s.

I later shared this with two town officials, who dismissed the theory of their possible involvement and said that Bob George would bring up names of other well known criminals as a way to get his client off.

I believe from that day on, I have been viewed by some people in our city as a crazy person who makes up stories for attention. Most of you who keep track of news headlines know the story I’m writing about, books have already been written but the real story has remained unsolved according to many well known attorneys including Alan Dershowitz who believed as many, that the case was mishandled and the wrong guy went to jail.

So how do we have faith in our political establishment when they cannot admit when certain cases need further attention and unbiased investigation?

If names of our town were being raised at trial and viewed on Court TV which is watched nationally, and this story made global headlines, why didn’t our town officials do more to help Bob George solve the case?

Instead, after the black trash man was convicted of rape and murder in the first degree, without so much as a fingerprint lifted, a variety of DNA evidence by other suspects collected yet untested, which clearly challenged the prosecution’s case—many of the prosecutors got promotions and one continued the legacy of third generation judgeship.

This case has haunted me for years for over 15 years.

Strange things kept happening, some say it could be just a case of bad luck, but I no longer believe that’s true.

There are other cases worth noting, Officer Busby and Melvin Raine of Falmouth. If you google their names, you will find details. I do not believe that any any of these cases are isolated incidents.

The gang-stalking is very real which happens to journalists and bloggers who ask questions, try to help victims and the public understand by teaching them to rely on their instincts and critical thinking.

All these events I and other writers have encountered could not be a coincidence —including the fact that two family members both experienced serious car accidents of bloggers who were writing about the case of the black trash man.

These accidents occurred in the same 2 week period, during the time of the trial. One occurred in this area and the other on the Cape.

What’s unusual about both cases, the drivers who caused both vehicles to be totaled, got away, even though a member of law enforcement arrived quickly at the scene.

Luckily, both drivers were not seriously injured. In one case, the third party driving a white van hit the vehicle in front of them which forced that car to create a head on accident with the oncoming car in the opposite lane.

The driver of the white van demanded the name of the injured party. The law enforcement official, (SP), told them to move on but they responded with foul language directed at the officer. Who gets away with that?

The accident on the Cape left the victim of the crash with a broken arm.

We were both blogging one day and it was then discovered our family members had car accidents of unusual circumstances, within close time frames.

I was told by one official at a political event to keep my voice down because the person I heard mentioned by Bob George, at trial was his brother was at the fundraiser and a big donor.

When I tried to talk to the mayor about it, he just glared eyes wide and never said a word, just stared in such a way that left me shaken and deeply concerned.

There was a cop who moved to the Cape, grew up in this region who shared that it was the underlying drug trafficking they were all so concerned about. By the time the case had ended, everyone who followed Court TV and local media suspected there was much more authorities would not reveal about the case.

I’ll leave you with that thought.

You must know that coming out with these stories is not easy but at this time of great uncertainty about what’s been happening in our city, with so many lives hanging in the balance and some destroyed, I just hope that those who want justice, will one day get justice. I did my part but it wasn’t enough.

Please vote your conscience on November 7.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Stevens

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