Somerville City Workers Protest Senator Warren’s Mayoral Endorsement of Curtatone 

By William Tauro

Dozens of Somerville Municipal Employee Association members (SMEA) took it to the streets this past Saturday in numbers protesting Senator Elisabeth Warren’s endorsement of Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone.

The protest rally took place on all intersections of Union Square catching the attention of thousands of passerby’s as they made their way through the cluttered square’s traffic.

They were holding signs and banners while chanting “Shame on Mayor Curtatone and shame on Somerville the All American city!”

The Warren endorsement of Curtatone took place in Sally O’Brien’s, a local pub on Somerville Avenue where Curtatone department heads and supporters were in front of the venue holding up signs as well.

Somerville Municipal Employee Association (SMEA), the hard-working backbone employees of the city, are taking to the streets demonstrating in protest of the mayor and Somerville the All American City for unfair wages and unfair treatment to Somerville families.

Somerville Municipal Employees Association (SMEA) members and other city public service workers held multiple rallies for Dignity, Justice and Respect this past month in Somerville.

SMEA members work as School Nurses, Librarians, Custodians, Clerks, Laborers and many other job titles for the Dept. of Public Works, Traffic and Parking, City Hall, Recreation, Inspectional Services, and Health Dept. and many other city departments.

“We are proud of the work we do to keep the city running efficiently,” said SMEA President Ed Halloran. “Yet over the past decade our members have seen the steady erosion of their wages. Most of our members earn only low to moderate salaries, and now many can no longer afford to remain in the city where they were raised.”

“The Mayor’s administration continues to oppose any major wage increase for our membership and has not addressed the ongoing housing crisis that affects all of us,” Halloran continued. “Less than half of the members of the SMEA now live in the City of Somerville. It’s simply tragic that our members are leaving the city for other communities that they can afford.”

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