Letter to the Editor:Mayor Turns Back on Portuguese/American Community Oriented Establishments in Somerville

The Portuguese Club, Nucleo Sportinguista da Area de Boston, which was founded in 1991, has been a member of the Somerville community for over 26 years.  The Club has been at its current location, 282 McGrath Highway for the past 19 years.

The purpose of the club is, and has been, to serve the Portuguese and Brazilian community, however, all Somerville and local residents are welcomed.

The Club initiatives are to bring families and friends together to watch sporting events, provide lunch and dinners, and to host many Portuguese artists and musicians.

For the past few years the Club has gone through some very difficult financial times, expressly due to the Somerville parking restrictions imposed by the City of Somerville.

These parking restrictions are making it very difficult for our customers to find parking, therefore, having a negative impact on our daily business.

Our Club has met with the City representatives, twice, to discuss this very important issue, however, the City refuses to assist as promised.  Originally, they had planned to grant us permission to park under the bridge, which would provide the Club with some parking spaces and allow and invite patrons to come back.

The City of Somerville, however, has failed to work with us and grant us that original promise.

We feel strongly that a change in leadership is very much needed. At the next election, let’s all vote together to bring someone in leadership that we can all trust!


Sir Presidente Paulo Bizarria

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:Mayor Turns Back on Portuguese/American Community Oriented Establishments in Somerville”

  1. I hope to see the Mayor doing the right thing to the community as nd share the road so we can be safe and also have a place to celebrate our Portuguese food with the Somerville community in a safe away.

  2. It’s time the Portuguese community is respected, we have been neglected far too long we deserve a club where we can celebrate and not be penalized for parking in the street. Our Somerville community is about happiness family and good safe living. If you stop the Portuguese people from feeling welcome you are closing the door to all you been fighting for. Don’t close the door to Somerville being Happy safe and all are welcome.

  3. It’s time for Mayor Curtatone to take a hike ! If the club had throw a fat envelope at him he would of gotten all the parking in the world !

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