Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Silvino ANES (Shoplifting, Resisting) at Assembly Row

On October 9, 2017, while assigned to Assembly Row as unit Alpha-3, I was contacted on my department issued cell phone by the assistant manager of Express Outlet, XXXXX. XXXXX sent me a text message with a picture of a male, explaining he had concealed several shirts in his backpack. I went to the store to find the suspect not there. XXXXX stated that the male selected the shirts, brought them into the dressing room and when he came out he no longer had the shirts and they were not in the dressing room. He then exited the store, making no attempt to pay for the items. XXXXX stated the individual took a right onto Artisan Way.

I called in to dispatch and Sierra-9 (Lieutenant Sheehan) responded as backup. LT. Sheehan spotted the individual in front of Lego Land. I responded to that location and when I exited my cruiser the individual went into Clarks. I entered the store and explained the situation to the individual. He gave the shirts back willingly that were in the backpack. He began to identify himself as Mr. Silvino Anes but as he was giving his date of birth he turned and attempted to run out of the store. I was able to grab Mr. Anes and with Lt. Sheehan’s assistance Mr. Anes was brought to the ground and handcuffed(DL) with difficulty as Mr. Anes continually refused to put his hands behind his back and rolled over onto his arm several times to prevent the handcuffing.  A search of Mr. Anes’ person revealed a set of needle nose pliers; in my training and experience these are commonly used by shoplifters to remove security devices from products. Lt. Sheehan requested the prisoner transport vehicle (Unit-200). Mr. Anes was transported in Unit-200 by Officer Collazo and was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Digregorio for the charges of shoplifting by asportation second offense, possession of a theft device removal tool, and resisting arrest.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Christopher Fusco #328

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