7 thoughts on “Vote Payton Corbett for Mayor of Somerville on Nov. 7th”

  1. What is he going to do for Somerville? He is a union guy. Will he be another Curtatone? Kissing the ass of Warren and Markey? Is his first act as mayor going to be removing those signs from City hall, and the high school?

    1. It doesn’t matter who you vote for as long as you remember ABC, Anybody But Curtatone the choice is yours if you know someone better write them in.

      1. When I drive through Somerville and see the Vote for Joe Curtatone signs. I can’t believe people would vote for him again. We need change. Proud to say my childhood home has Vote Payton Corbett.

      2. There worse problems tjat the future new mayor needs to focuss on . Like how about cleaning out that ship of o did u a favor now give me my brother cousin sister boyfriend a jobs that work throughoit the city . Tjen lets talk stupud signs again more important shit. Just vote for who ud want ur children to vote for. Not whos paying but wont ne pating them later bc there will be a new mayor. So naybe u and ir som are both on city payroll . Vote on who ud think ur mom would want u to vote. Oh ir mom on joes payroll too? Vite joe cuz ur fu@#$@. Theres gonna be a new sherfif in town and i think this one who hire those best suited

      3. Tru that. And those joe sigbs are the star of david letting hittler know that kust incase i goid jew. But hitler i mean crookatone wont be able to see who me the jew vote for. That was in no way meant to be a racial slur just my stupid i think attemt at a joke ok a bad koke bit dont vote for him please wake up

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