Letter to the Editor:An Oath is an Oath!

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

What the hell is wrong with our command staff at the Somerville Police Department? They all can’t be in Mayor Curtatone’s pockets or are they?

I know some very good cops on this department that should seriously consider to put their best foot forward, do the right thing and place these three crud’s under arrest!

I’m very surprised that not one Somerville Police Officer hasn’t come forward and made a move yet, grab the bull by the horns and slapped the cuff’s on Mayor Curtatone, Commissioner Koty or even Police Captain Cotter yet.

I think the Somerville News Weekly should give tremendous recognition should the first Somerville Police Officer, no matter his or her rank, who steps forward on their own, does the right thing but placing any of these three in custody. That officer would automatically make worldwide news and become an overnight national hero!

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