Letter To the Editor:Which Developer Purchased The Lot Next To Super Stop & Shop?

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

This is a letter that I had sent to Aldermen Sullivan regarding the lot next to Super Stop & Stop on McGrath Highway. Please follow up on this if you could.

Good afternoon Mr. Sullivan,

I was directed to you by Mr. Niedergang regarding a question I had on Cross Street East. Someone had bought the parking lot next to Super Stop and Shop along with the dilapidated playground at the end of the street.

They have also taken that last part of Cross Street East itself and placed gating there. They are storing their equipment and materials, fill, in the old park area.

My questions are:

Did the City sell the park land to this Developer?

A. When

B. How Much

C. Who is the Developer/Owner of the entire property

Was this approved by the BOA due to the City selling land to an Individual?

If so, what account within the City was this tasked too? General Fund or an earmark specifically for future use?

Mr. Sullivan, I am just trying to figure out why this City would sell valuable land, we are land poor, for housing or commercial development when what we need is more green space.

Thank you for all you help.

Robert Ciampi

81 Hudson Street

5 thoughts on “Letter To the Editor:Which Developer Purchased The Lot Next To Super Stop & Shop?”

  1. Hey Bobo,

    There are a lot of you guys out there that could take some lessons from Matt.

    Did you serve in Iraq? Did you use a college education for the betterment of your career while supporting your constituency? How about having the courage to speak your mind in support of local working class residents while exposing developers who are sitting on abandoned properties? Rat control? Opioid problem and encouraging the residents to come together to support families who lost loved ones? Until you have done something worthy of recognition, may I strongly suggest that you shut the hell up?

  2. Alderman Sullivan,

    Thank you so much Alderman Sullivan. I appreciate the quick and through explanation of this development. It’s great to know, with the efforts by this Administration and Neighborhood groups, the City of Somerville has more open space.

    Thanks again for the hard work you put in for the entire city.

    Bob Ciampi.

    1. Alderman Sullivan, In addition, thank you for informing me that Mr. Peter Lee was the developer of this project.

      Robert Ciampi.

  3. Mark sent you off to Dennis huh Bob. Why wouldn’t he have you speak to his buddy Matty McLaughlin? Because Matty is too busy working in Cambridge and tweeting? Must be because he’s not in his ward protecting his land poor city.

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