Cobble Hill Elders Ice Cream Truck from Holiday Inn and Visit from Ward One Alderman Matt McLaughlin

By Martin Polignone

This past Friday ” it was like being a kid again ” remarked an elder resident of Cobble Hill Apartments as neighboring Holiday Inn once again sent a complementary ice cream truck loaded with treats on a perfect end of summer day. Ward One Alderman Matt McLaughlin enjoyed an ice cream and a lot of conversation about the upcoming election and the issues related. ” Matt is a man of action that returns calls and gets things done , in spite of the negative statements his opponent is spreading all over the Ward, especially to elderly voters.” The “action” the elder was referring to was the quick repair to a drop between the driveway of Cobble Hill and Washington Street due to an uneven sewer drain. ” We called Matt when our cars were getting damaged and hr had it fixed right away!” Its no question that Matt is very much appreciated at Cobble Hill. Cobble Hill always turns out good numbers at the polls but has always had high standards in who they trust to represent the needs of the elders.

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