Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Zanterius BROADUS (Disorderly)

Report entered by SPD Records Personnel based upon report bat SHA “(LC)”


The following is a brief summary of facts pertaining to incident # 17044184.


While monitoring the large group of youth at the rear of 50 Memorial Road on the basketball court, I observed 2 males square off to fight. I was there monitoring this group due to a recent fight call at this same location-at least 200 youth were there and at least 100 scattered and ran from the area upon our arrival.


After the several marked SPD marked police units left the area the group of youth that had scattered began to re appear in smaller groups back to the basketball court. After a few minutes of loud name calling and aggressive gesturing I observed a larger male known to me as Zanterius Broadus DOB xxxxx of 19 Burrell Street apt #2 in Roxbury start to take of items of clothing and what appeared to possibly be a watch from his wrist.


At this time the entire group of approximately 150 youth started to yell and jump while making a semi-circle around Mr. Broadus. While watching this I observed several residents looking out their windows and several residents come out of the

building to see what was all the loud yelling about. I radioed to dispatch to send me some back-up because I could see that a fight was possibly ready to happen.


At this time I now saw the person that Mr. Broadus was yelling at and attempting to engage, a youth known to me as JUVENILE DOB XXXXX of XXXXX (juvenile who had been Trespassed from all SHA properties

several months ago).


Due to the large crowd that was gathering and circling these men my view was obstructed at times but I could see the heads of both these individuals trying to jump at each other with their hands clenched in fists as in a fighting type of way while a few people were trying to hold each of them back. This action was getting the crowd in a frenzy as many people were yelling to have them fight.


I exited my unmarked cruiser and made an effort to quell this incident by yelling “police, stop and disperse” but this order fell on deaf ears and they continued to yell, swear and attempt to fight each other. Moments later the sound of the arriving back up SPD units dispersed a few dozen youth including one of the suspects, Mr. JUVENILE-who made an attempt to quickly walk away in the shadows.


I kept an eye on both suspects and gave the arriving SPD units the clothing and physical description of JUVENILE and his location at 15 Memorial Road where he was detained at my request. After several minutes of trying to gain access to Mr. Broadus on the crowded basketball court, he was taken into custody for his Disorderly Conduct.


I then made my way to where JUVENILE was detained and placed him into custody for his Disorderly Conduct and Trespassing charges.

It took at least 20 minutes to disperse the majority of this crowd and calm the remaining residents. Both parties were transported to the Somerville Police station by SPD Unit-200 where they were booked in the usual manner.


They will be charged with the following: Mr. Zanterius Broadus DOB XXXXX C 272 S53 DISORDERLY CONDUCT. JUVENILE DOB XXXXXX C 272 S53 DISORDERLY CONDUCT and 266 S120 TRESPASSING.


Respectfully submitted;


Sean Browne-Investigator

Somerville Housing Police

Badge # 919

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