Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Ralph MILORD (VCO-Poss of Dangerous Weapon, Dangerous Weapon Carry, Shoplifting)

On 07/18/2017, I, Officer Christopher Collette was assigned to Somerville marked unit East One. At approximately 10:40 hours, I was dispatched to the Nike Outlet at 300 Artisan Way for a shoplifting that had just occurred. The suspect was described as a black male, about 5’09” tall, with a beard. He was described as wearing a brown Polo shirt with blue emblems on it. I searched the area without finding the suspect. I then spoke with XXXXX, a loss prevention employee for Nike. He stated that another employee had alerted him to a possible shoplifting. Mr. XXXXX reviewed the surveillance footage. He observed the suspect enter the store with red sneakers. The suspect then selected a box of sneakers, and later exited the store wearing white sneakers. Red sneakers were found in the box that stolen sneakers were removed from. At the time, XXXXX was unable to find footage of the suspect actually donning the stolen sneakers. The sneakers cost $59.99 and were white with red and black accents. Mr. XXXXX added to the suspect’s description by advising me that the suspect had facial tattoos above his eye brows, one being a cross.

        Later, at 11:16 hours, Sergeant Capasso observed a male that fit the description of the suspect. Sergeant Capasso was working a paid assignment in the Assembly Square area, and observed who he believed to be the suspect at 401 Assembly Row. Sergeant Capasso stopped the suspect, who during this encounter was identified as Mr. Ralph Milord. During the stop he observed an item protruding from the suspect’s waistband. Sergeant Capasso then asked Mr. Milord if he had any weapons on him. Mr. Milord stated that he did not. Sergeant Capasso performed a pat frisk of Mr. Milord and recovered a hatchet. Officer Pavao responded to the scene as well. When I arrived on scene, I observed that a knife as well as the hatchet had been recovered from Mr. Mr. Milord’s person.

        Mr. Milord stated that he was a landscaper and he carried the hatchet for work. I observed that the fixed serrated blade of the knife appeared to be in excess of two and a half inches. which would constitute a violation of Somerville Ordinance that regulates dangerous weapons. The Ordinance, Chapter 9, Section 9-96, states in part, “No person, except as provided by law, shall carry on his or her person, or carry under his or her control in a vehicle, any machete, saber, sword or weapon of like or similar nature; any knife having any type of blade in excess of two and one-half inches (except when being used for hunting or fishing, in lawful employment, or for any other innocent purpose); or any other object or tool so designed, redesigned, fashioned, prepared, or treated that the same may be used to inflict bodily harm or injury to another [including those weapons and instruments described in M.G.L. chapter 269, section 10, par. (b)].” Later at the station, I confirmed that the knife’s blade length was in excess of three inches. I then spoke with Mr. Milord who based on the surveillance footage from Nike, I recognized as the shoplifter from Nike. I observed facial tattoos above Mr. Milord’s eyebrows, these included a cross. I also observed Mr. Milord to be wearing white Nike sneakers, with red and black accents. I asked Mr. Milord where he got the sneakers. He stated that he got them from Nike, he believed they cost 59.99. I asked Mr. Milord if he had paid for the sneakers. He stated that he did not.

        I placed Mr. Milord under arrest for shoplifting by asportation 266/30A/A, violation of Somerville’s Dangerous Weapon Ordinance C.9, S.9-96. As Mr. Milord was carrying a hatchet along with a prohibited knife, while having no legitimate purpose for doing so, and being involved in a recent crime, I will also be charging him with possession of a dangerous weapon (hatchet) 269/10/B




        Respectfully submitted,

 Patrolman Christopher Collette, B#302


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