Ward 3 Alderman Candidate Ben Ewen-Campen advocates at Somerville Labor Coalition Forum for housing stabilization


SOMERVILLE CITY CLUB– Ward 3 Alderman Candidate Ben Ewen-Campen spoke at the Somerville Labor Coalition forum last Tuesday night, expressing his strong support for workers and their families, and specifically addressing the issue of housing stability. As a scientist, Ewen-Campen plans to utilize his background in problem-solving and collaboration to provide a fresh perspective to tackle issues in the city. He noted that SEIU local 888 was successful in pushing for the City of Boston to create a municipal housing trust for workers, and would like to see it implemented here. “I am 100% behind this policy and I would fund this [housing trust] by linkage fees and transfer taxes on people who are getting rich off of real estate speculation,” said EwenCampen. “This [housing trust] is a perfect place to put that money: to keep the people who actually make the city run continuing to live here. We do not want to live in a city where the people who are teachers, crossing guards, firefighters, and cops, cannot afford to live.” Ewen-Campen is energized for the campaign and optimistic for the future of Somerville. As he continues to talk with neighbors across the Ward, he’s working to find ways for the community to have stronger decision-making power in future development plans. Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017. 
You can learn more about Ben Ewen-Campen and his campaign by visiting https://www.benforward3.com. For more information, contact Ben Ewen-Campen at (617) 702-2613.

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