Is Somerville Mayor Curtatone Fueling the Fire and Spinning Politics?

By William Tauro 

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone posting this on his Facebook page at 10:05pm on Wednesday: 

“It’s appalling that someone opened fire on members of Congress as they played softball today. Doesn’t matter what party they’re in. Yet it’s also appalling that mass shootings like this happen nearly every day in our nation to regular people. This is has got to stop, and not just to those in Congress.”

After posting this only one hour before at 8:56pm:

Do we wonder why such bad things as shootings like this occur? Nothing like fueling the fire Mayor Joe!

5 thoughts on “Is Somerville Mayor Curtatone Fueling the Fire and Spinning Politics?”

  1. This mayor should not throw rocks from his glass house. I assure you that he will be exposed. He ain’t no Teflon Mayor. Truth and justice is on the horizon. Just be patient!

  2. Terrible about that land with the bowling alley and chance if recourse for this man

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