I’m running for re-election as Ward 5 Alderman Mark Niedergang

It’s an election year in Somerville, and as you may know, I am running for re-election for a third two-year term as Ward 5 Alderman. 
I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to represent residents of Ward 5 in this time of rapid change, new development and exciting opportunities. I am keenly aware that the pace of change in Somerville now is unsettling for many, and that the challenges we face from gentrification will not be easy to overcome if we want to keep Somerville the wonderful, mixed-income, diverse community we love. 
The job of a Ward Alderman includes policy work on ordinances, zoning, the budget and other citywide issues; helping constituents deal with neighborhood issues and City Hall; and helping neighbors weigh in on real estate development projects. I feel fortunate that I’m at a point in my life where I can do this important work full-time. Above all, it is a pleasure to work with so many caring, passionate, thoughtful and deeply engaged Somerville residents on these issues.
The coming years will provide more opportunities for us to work together on key issues such as:
Affordable housing,

Creation of more open & green space and better athletic playing fields,

Environmental improvement & climate change,

Overhauling or improving our outdated zoning, and

Management of development to better protect our neighborhoods, and to generate the jobs & tax revenue we need to pay for the City services & facilities our residents deserve.

In the photo above, you see me taking out nomination papers at City Hall in early May. I want to thank the volunteers who helped me gather signatures to get my name on the ballot for the November 7th City election. So far, I do not have an opponent, but there are still 10 days until the June 26th deadline to take out nominating papers.
Thanks for your help and support and I am looking forward to continuing our work together!
Mark Niedergang, Ward 5 Alderman

617 629-8033 mark@markniedergang.com


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