Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone Calls For Solidarity

By Joe Curtatone 

Sadly this serves as a reminder there are innocent people all over the world falling victim to terrorism. We need to show solidarity for the victims in Tehran just as much as we have with those in London, Manchester, Brussels and Paris. Yes, ISIS practices radical Islamic terrorism, but the vast majority of its victims are Muslim. This is not Islam vs. the west. This butchery vs. decency.
What we need is a stop to the finger pointing and to recognize too much innocent blood is being spilled. We need to put down our squabbles and appreciate the value of human life extends across religious and national boundaries. Say a prayer today for the people of Tehran. We know what their pain is like, and no one should have to bear it.


Twin Attacks Hit Iran’s Parliament And Khomeini Mausoleum; ISIS Claims Responsibility

By Bill Chappell and Mark Katkov

Police officers run to take position around Iran’s parliament building in Tehran after an assault by several attackers. Four attackers reportedly reached the building’s interior, and an explosion was heard, although it was unclear whether it was a suicide bomb or a grenade.closemore. 

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