A Message From Somerville Ward 7 Alderman Katjana Ballantyne

This is what it is about -The right zoning could bring jobs & tax relief. The city has taken on an additional $200million in debt obligations with GLX and High School, tripling our debt.
We can’t keep kicking the can down the road to generate more revenue. Priority is commercial office development. It about the people who live here in Somerville now. Jobs and tax relief will come when we have office space for new businesses to locate here. New businesses, in turn will provide new jobs here and new commercial tax revenues, to help us pay for schools, roads, police, fireman and all of the things that we now pay for as residents, almost all alone.
There has been no fiscal analysis to support the developer’s position since the city tripled its debt obligations.
I want to thank my colleagues Aldermen Matthew McLaughlin and BobMcWatters for voting with me this past week to increase the commercial percentages

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