Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Liliana ARAUJO (Larceny Over)/Shoplifting at Saks Fifth Ave Assembly Square 


On Tuesday May 23, 2017, while assigned to unit Alpha-3 at Assembly Row, I was contacted by the loss prevention officers at Saks, stating they had a shoplifter in the office that had taken several bottles of perfume. I notified Dispatch and Officer Collette (East-1) came for back up. Upon my arrival I entered the office and found a woman claiming to be Sandra DIPINA to be sitting in the LP office, she stated repeatedly several phone numbers, names, and dates of birth claiming them to be hers. She was later identified as Liliana ARAUJO. Loss Prevention associates stated that she had concealed serval bottles of perfume into her bag and had been stopped as she bypassed the points of sale and attempted to exit the store. I gave Ms. Araujo several attempts to give the correct name and date of birth, as she continued to struggle thinking of her name, in my experience this is an indication of giving false information. She also stated she was with a male, who she identified as XXXXX and the store informed me that they believed he may have taken items as well the Loss Prevention associates showed me film of this individual in the store and Ms. Araujo attempted to contact him to come back to the store, to no avail. I requested the prisoner transport vehicle (Unit-200) to Saks. I then placed Ms. Araujo under arrest (DL) and escorted her outside. Ms. Araujo was transported to the station by Officer Desrochers. While enroute to the station, East-4 (Officer Pavao) noticed the vehicle behind Unit-200 matched the description of the second person that was in Saks. The car then ran a red light at Revolution Drive and Grand Union and was pulled over. An inquiry of the registration showed the picture of the defendant whom I had just arrested. I spoke to the operator of the vehicle, Identified as XXXXX, who claimed he was not in the store.

      At the station Ms. Araujo was booked by Sergeant Holland in the usual manner and has been charged with larceny over two hundred and fifty dollars.


     A copy of the store’s report for the shoplifting will be available upon request. It is at this time not complete due to the false information they have that Ms. Araujo gave to them.



     Respectfully submitted,


     Officer Christopher Fusco #328


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