Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Daniela ROMANIA (OUI) Arresr 

On the morning of May, 27 at approximately 3:15 AM a report of a MV accident at XX Cedar Ave. was given out by the dispatcher. I was assigned to routine uniform patrol in car West Five. Off. P Beckford and I responded to the scene. What looked initially like normal parking conditions located in a two car driveway next to a home, was in fact a parked vehicle Ma Reg XXXXX, a Honda CRV, which belonged there, and a second vehicle, Ma Reg YYYYY, a white Kia Rio, which was sandwiched between a cinder block wall and the Honda. The Operator of the striking vehicle was trapped inside the KIA Rio. In order to extricate her from the vehicle the Honda had to be removed by the owner. Debris was found in the roadway next a third damaged vehicle, Ma Reg ZZZZZ, a black Subaru. Once the driver was removed from the vehicle she had a minor scrape on her chin, and refused medical at the scene. I asked her where she was coming from, Ms Daniela Romania stated, “I live in Medford, I was coming from a bar in Somerville (no name given).” “Why don’t you just arrest me, I’ve been drinking.” I asked the Defendant to perform a series of sobriety tests, she would only perform the recitation of the alphabet. Ms. Romania left out the letters H & I, and refused any more testing. 

        During our conversation I observed she was unsteady on her feet, her eyes were red and glassy, and a strong odor of alcoholic beverage was coming from her breath. Due to the totality of the circumstances I placed the Defendant in custody for OUI Alcohol.

        She was transported to the station by wagon 200, and processed by Sgt. Marino. The Defendant was unable to follow instructions for the breathalyzer, and was marked as a refusal.


Respectfully Submitted,

Off. Robert Driscoll #148

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