Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Juan CRUZ (Receive Stolen Property)

On May 27,2017 while assigned plainclothes detective unit (D7) with Somerville Police I spoke to a female that came into the station to report her stolen bicycle being advertised on Craigslist. Detective Thermidor(D14) and I spoke with the female, identified as XXXXX, as she explained to us that her Santa Cruz Chameleon bicycle was stolen on May 20,2017 from her residence in Newton. I then contacted Newton Police and they faxed me a copy of the report, JP# 17018603, taken on May 20,2017.


While further speaking with XXXXX she showed us pictures from Craigslist and was pointing out all the details that pertained to her bicycle like the rear tire always losing air, a bell she put on handle bars, blue custom foot pegs and custom fox suspension forks in the front of bike. She even pointed out where there would be scratches on bike that were there when it was stolen, the scratches she mentioned were on front handle bars and could not be seen on Craigslist pictures. She also mentioned blue foot pegs she bought and put on that were also not visible in ad pictures, which will be enclosed with report.


The contact on Craigslist ad was a Steve and cell phone number of XXX-XXX-XXXX. It was arranged on victim cellphone to meet seller “Steve” at 1XX Glen Street in Somerville to purchase the bike for $800. We had XXXXX and her husband text “Steve” and tell him to meet in 10 minutes at 1XX Glen Street outside. She texted “Steve” and he responded he would be there.


Upon going to 1XX Glen Street the victim and husband parked in front of the address and waited. In approx. 5 minutes a Hispanic male came from Morton Street and met the victim while riding the suspected stolen bike. Detective Thermidor and I, along with uniformed Officers Teves and Schneider, approached the Hispanic male and detained him. XXXXX and her husband immediately identified the bike as the one stolen from them on May 20,2017.


I then asked the suspect his name and he stated that it was Juan Cruz. I then read Mr Cruz his Miranda rights from a card Officer Schneider had on his person and Mr Cruz agreed to waive his rights and answer questions. I asked him where he got the bike and he stated he had bought it 2 weeks ago in Brighton for $100. When asked from who he stated he didn’t know and met the kid in a store and the kid asked if he wanted to buy a bike and he purchased the bike for $100. When I told him the bike was only stolen 7 days ago he stated. “Oh.” I asked Mr. Cruz who “Steve” was and he stated that he uses that name on Craigslist because he didn’t want people to know his real name. Mr. Cruz further verified that the cell number (XXX-XXX-XXXX) is in fact his personal cellphone number. Officer Teves looked up Mr Cruz on CJIS and it showed he had 6 previous court appearances for receiving stolen property.


I then spoke with XXXXX who pointed out all the features she explained to me including the custom pedals and the back tire having a slow leak. She stated the bell was removed but you could still see scratch marks where the bell had been attached.


I then placed Mr. Cruz under arrest for receiving stolen property over $250 and he was transported via 200 to the station and booked by Lt Lavey. The bicycle was returned to its rightful owner who will be available for court appearances when needed.


Respectfully submitted,


Detective Alan Monaco #234


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