Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Shaun MORGAN (ABDW – Glass)

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident.


On 5/28/2017 at approximately 22:56 hours, while assigned as marked unit West-5, I was dispatched to On the Hill Tavern located at 499 Broadway for a past assault. I arrived on scene and was met by the reporting party XXXXX. XXXXX informed me that he was sitting at the bar when a white male, approximately 35 years in age, 5’9″ in height, wearing a camouflage hat, jeans, and a gray shirt approached him and called him a liar. XXXXX states that he attempted to dismiss the verbal altercation by telling the male to “shut up” as he didn’t know what he was talking about when the male struck him in the mouth with a drink glass. XXXXX reports the glass broke and caused his tooth to chip (photo attached). XXXXX’s girlfriend YYYYY confirmed the story and added that the male walked down Medford Street towards Medford with approximately 6 other individuals. They reported that the glass broke on the floor upon striking XXXXX in the mouth and they bar staff had just finished sweeping it up. I also spoke with bartender ZZZZZ who confirmed the incident. He states that he and other staff stepped in between the two and asked the other male to leave. 


As I continued to gather information at the scene, West-6 Officer Nevin observed a male matching the description provided entering a livery vehicle on Medford Street in the area behind On the Hill Tavern. I asked XXXXX to remain at the location and went to interview the individual matching the description later identified as Shaun Morgan. I asked Morgan if he was just in an altercation to which he denied. I then asked him if he was at On The Hill Tavern to which he denied. When I informed Morgan he matched the description of someone just involved in an altercation at that location he confirmed that he was there and was involved in an argument with another male party. Morgan became loud and boisterous and it should be noted that I smelled alcoholic beverage emanating from his person, he was slightly unsteady on his feet, and his eyes were glassy. I informed Morgan that several witnesses informed me that he struck someone with a glass and he continued to deny the allegation and became increasingly loud and irate. I informed him that based on the reports I had received of him striking someone with a glass I needed him to clarify what happened from his perspective to which he declined to provide further statement.


At this time Morgan was placed into handcuffs. Unit-200 operated by Officer Marra was contacted and transported Morgan to Somerville Police Headquarters where he was booked by Lt. DeOlivera. Shaun Morgan is charged with violation of M.G.L. ch. 265 §15A Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (glass). 


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Anderson #315

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