Letter to the Editor:Omar Boukili and His Wife Taking Taxpayers for a Ride While Racking in the Doe at Taxpayers Expense


Dear Billy Somerville News Weekly Speak Up Line:

Just in case you and the people of Somerville didn’t know a very well hidden secret at city hall, well here it is! Omar Boukili, the ward 4 candidate who has pleaded to buy a home and move to Revere/ Mayor Curtatone’s former Chief of Staff, his wife is the City of Somerville’s City Arborist!
Yes the mayor took care of Omar’s wife for the past year with a high-paying city job as the City of Somerville’s Tree Arborist. 
This is one of the most deceitful plots you can do to undermined and cheat the citizens of Somerville. 
With regards to Omar, I think that I am never wrong on this but here it is my assumption on what the mayor can and just might do. The Mayor can promised Omar a job if he wins the Ward 4 Alderman seat by rewarding him with a high-paying city job. 
If Omar wins the election he cannot except both a city job salary and an an alderman salary both at the same time. 
The plan that he and the mayor will possibly use to get around it is that he can just accept the higher paying city job annual salary of about $100,000 that the mayor creates for him and wave/forfeit the $40,000 Alderman salary. 
Either way Omar makes out and gets the best of both worlds at the taxpayers expense. The Mayor gets to have his rubberstamp man “yes man” at his disposal and Omar’s wife gets paid the big bucks to be the City of Somerville’s Tree Arborist. 
This is simply wrong! Its a big scam and we should let our voices be heard and fix this corruptive mess in our City of Somerville local government. 
 More creative municipal waste and the city should be ashamed of ourselves for letting him get away with this. 
Thank you Billy for having the balls to call the mayor out on this and all his other self-serving back room dealings that he’s been creating over the years that you recently exposed. He’s been doing scams like this for too long and he’s got to be stopped. 

 A hard working Somerville guy who will not let him get away with this!
Please check out the Omar’ sneaky plot link below that you’re paper reported on:

Omar Boukili Pledges To Live In Revere, But Trying To Squeak In As Ward 4 Somerville Alderman?

6 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:Omar Boukili and His Wife Taking Taxpayers for a Ride While Racking in the Doe at Taxpayers Expense”

  1. Excuse me, but isn’t there a rule that you must be a resident of Somerville in order to run for public office?

    I personally think nepotism is a bad idea regardless of the relatives qualifications.

    Also, I have seen Omar in action during closed meetings involving the city’s stone age sewer system and it’s continual sewerage overflow which effects many homeowners (and their personal bank accounts)across the city.

    He’s placed at meetings to do damage control for the mayor. We couldn’t even get our stories out to the aldermen without him jumping to the podium to interrupt residents from speaking about their sewer issues effecting their personal property. He was behaving more like a crooked defense attorney, trying to discredit our stories.

    We should be happy to be rid of him. He should not be allowed to run for Ward 4 or anything else in our city. Joe has enough people on the BOA who won’t say NO to him.

  2. Besides the fact this “article” is mostly incomprehensible in its disastrous grammar, it is also treading into slander. I worked with Vanessa Boukili for over a year with the Commission on Energy Use an Climate Change and her insights as a certified arborist and ecologist were invaluable. The city posted a position that she now has and was suggested she apply by many including g those on the Commission. The city is better for it as we tackle these crictial (the MOST critical) issues from every possible vector including lowering urban heat island effect that city trees can provide as well as montoring the health and welfare of other flora in open spaces goes a very long way to battling adverse climate change triggers.

    Now what the thing is, you cannot hold that position (Commissioner) unless you’re a resident and that approval for that position only comes from the BOA.

    So Omar serves the community of revere. And his residency in Somerville required them to waive that requirement. What does that have to do with running for Alderman of Somerville? Nothing. If he wants to run for office we have a mechanism for exercising your lack of faith in him as a candidate: your vote.

    As far as a relationship with the Mayor, don’t we all have that in one form or another? The mechanics of government really doesn’t allow much for “rubber stamping” anything if the public stays engaged as it should in a representative democracy. It gets murky when the public (which has done so steadily over the past few decades) disengages from that responsibility.

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