Omar Boukili Pledges To Live In Revere, But Trying To Squeak In As Ward 4 Somerville Alderman?

Photo of Omar Boukili

By William Tauro 

Omar Boukili, who became Chief Administrative Officer for the mayor of Revere over a year and a half ago and who is on the Revere payroll who promised that mayor and the people of Revere that he would move to Revere as a requirement of his job description. 

But his excuse for not moving there as of yet is because houses in the city of Revere were too expensive at the time.  

So recently, the mayor of Revere asked forgiveness and requesting a temporary residency waiver before the Revere City Council to give Omar Boukili an extension of time so he may further his search to buy a home in Revere to reside in and to comply with his job description requirements. 

Meanwhile Omar Boukili has tossed his name into the political ring for a candidate seat for Ward 4 Somerville Alderman. 

Unfortunately for Omar the Somerville Alderman position requires that you live here in Somerville and in which he does. Omar lives in Ward 4 in a rented apartment in a home owned by Maria Curtatone sister of Mayor Joe Curtatone.  

Allegedly Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone is trying to promise Omar a position here in Somerville with his administration if he wins the Ward 4 Alderman seat. 

Some people will call it double dipping and some people would call it playing the system. But you, the tax payers of Somerville have to decide and call it what you may but I call it wrong. 

Check out the link below of a video of the mayor of Revere pleading before the Revere City Council to extend the timeframe in which Omar Boukili has to move to Revere. 

You will notice in the video that the Revere mayor promises that Omar will move to Revere very shortly to fulfill his existing job requirement as chief of staff to the mayor of Revere. 
Should this man, Omar Boukili be running for ward 4 alderman of Somerville? Should Mayor Curtatone be allowing this type of nonsense and unethical conflict to continue? Absolutely not!

Check out a prior Somerville News Weekly article regarding and communication video in the link below from the Mayor of Revere. 


The Mayor of Revere is requesting a temporary residency waiver for Omar Boukili for the position of Chief Administrative Officer of Revere who lives in Somerville but will be moving soon to Revere. 

Why is this guy Omar’s name being tossed around up at City Hall by the administration who are trying to push him into running for the Ward 4 Alderman seat?

Here is a very straightforward video about Omar asking for a residency waiver in June of 2016.  

The mayor of Revere insisted that he is actively looking for housing but can’t find it in this hot market. 

The Revere mayor also guaranteed that he would be living in Revere by next June and now It’s almost April.

8 thoughts on “Omar Boukili Pledges To Live In Revere, But Trying To Squeak In As Ward 4 Somerville Alderman?”

  1. Disgusting! If the city isn’t good enough to live in then you shouldn’t be paid by taxpayers money. This is the second big mistake Mayor Arrigo has made!

  2. He’s living in with Somerville Mayor sister house? Why isn’t he living with his wife in Somerville who is the bread winner, the genius in the family. I don’t have to teach y’all how to Google, do I? Is the Mayors sisters address closest to the Ward Alderman area he is pursuing? Just another game played in politics?

  3. if he was a white man city hall would have channel 5 calling it jail crime …

  4. This is just wrong. Remember, a fish rots from the head. This has the Mayor Curtatone’s fingerprints all over it.

  5. I said from day one he was a UPS..I am correct as they both are..Arrigo and Omar

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