Letter to the Editor:Trains Running Engines and Blowing Horns at Early Morning Hours in Somerville 

Hello William and SpeakUp Line,

I am sorry to contact you at this ungodly hour of 2:23am but I need your help with a situation in East Somerville. For the past few nights an MBTA train has been in on the tracks near our house in Knowlton street. We called 311 to place a noise complaint and they sent us to SPD dispatch, they in turn sent our call to the MBTA police. The first time they hung up on us as they did not like my husband’s tone. We contacted our alderman at large and also our Ward 1 alderman too that first night. The train moved out the first day after spending over 4 hour outside our home. The train then came back again at 4:45am the next Morning. I came home at 10:00pm and the train. Was there again. Last night the train arrived again and this time our alderman came to our house to see for himself. The train stayed until 11:30pm last night and returned at 1:25am this Morning. It then proceeded to go up and down the tracks until 2:10am and also blowing a loud fog horn from New Washington Street to the end of Tufts Street and back again. Please can you help me find out what is going on and why they have to do this during the night. I have heard so much about noise pollution in this city , this cannot be a regular event each night for us. I am now sleep deprived and extremely fed up with being passed around from one phone call to another in this city to get an answer!

Eileen, East Somerville Resident 

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:Trains Running Engines and Blowing Horns at Early Morning Hours in Somerville ”

  1. I go by thare every morning and afternoon and yesterday thare was a rail grinder it might be a test train the railgrinder was on the bridge on Washington street but I don’t understand why they need to blow the horn does it stop in back of you house but I don’t understand what its doing

  2. Before they stop at your house place a wire running from one track to the other, cover it with gravel, sand or something else. That will turn the signal red and stop the train before it gets too close to your house. DON’T GET CAUGHT THOUGH ;p;

  3. I believe they’re doing training exercises. But I’m up on Spring Hill Terrace and can definitely hear that horn in the wee hours of the morning and it’s annoying as hell

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