Somerville COA Director of Ralph & Jenny Senior Center and Firefighter Husband Save Choking Man In Fitchburg Restaurant 

By William Tauro 

Somerville Council on Aging Kim Moss Hyvarinen and her husband Fitchburg Firefighter Lt. Barry Hyvarinen, a 22-year veteran of the Fitchburg Fire Department are credited for saving a mans life in an Olive Garden Restaurant last week. 
The newly-wedded couple were just walking in an Olive Garden Restaurant in Fitchburg when wife Kim spotted a man choking in the restaurant. Kim immediately tapped her husband Barry on the shoulder who then jumped into action and began performing the Heimlich-maneuver on the man. Within seconds the man coughed up a pepper that he was lodged in his throat and began breathing normal again. 
Barry stated “My wife was the real hero. She was the one who spotted the guy.” 
“We were walking in and being seated when this gentleman just stood up and I could tell there was something lodged in his throat,” Kim said. “I just tapped my husband on the shoulder and said, ‘There’s someone choking over there.'”

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