Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Marise PIERRE (Disorderly) arrest on Washington Street 

On April 27, 2017 while conducting selective enforcement with Officer Steven Johnson we were in full uniform looking for Operators who were distracted while driving. Officer Johnson was on the upper lot of the Police Station, acting as the spotter, at 220 Washington Street, a public way within the City of Somerville. I had my vehicle parked at the corner of Merriam Street on Washington Street, and I was standing forward of the cruiser so I could signal operators to the side of the roadway that Officer Johnson had observed in violation of Motor Vehicle infractions.


Officer Johnson indicated to me over the radio that the school bus heading toward me, a 2016 Thomas C2 color yellow, was utilizing a cell phone. I stepped into the roadway and signaled the operator, Marise Pierre, to the side of the road. While doing this I observed the operator putting down what appeared to be a cell phone with her right hand, toward the center console area. I approached the operator and requested her license and registration and the defendant stated, “can I pull up way over there?”, pointing to an area near the business Jiffy Lube. I stated “NO”. There was sufficient room for vehicles to get by despite the Bus not being completely pulled into the parking area. I returned to my cruiser and wrote a citation for the infraction. I returned to the defendant to issue the citation (#R8324569) and she stated that she used to babysit my children. I continued issuing the citation and she stated “I don’t have a phone”. After issuing the citation the defendant had her head out the bus window shouting obscenities at me. I had stopped traffic and was standing in the roadway about 3/4 of the way to the rear of the Bus and stated “you need to pull out”. The defendant continued her verbal assault and I again told her to move her bus. The defendant continued her shouting until I stated “maam, if you do not stop shouting and move your vehicle I will arrest you”. Traffic was stopped at this point and people on the opposite side of the street stopped to look on. The defendant started to pull out, still shouting and never checked her other mirror and continued looking in my direction. I heard a scrapping noise and walked behind the Bus and observed the Bus scrapping the left side of a 2005 Dodge Neon, legally parked on Washington Street.


I shouted to the defendant and she put the bus in reverse and within a few seconds had the bus pulled ahead and stopped. I started initiating the accident data form to give out the information required and instruct both parties. Officer Johnson had arrived as the Defendant came out into the street shouting at me and stating I was an asshole. I asked her to get on the sidewalk and she stated, you motherfucker I use to watch your kids. Officer Johnson then told the defendant to step onto the sidewalk before a car struck her. The defendant continued to argue and was told two more times before she finally went onto the sidewalk. The defendant was now on the passenger side of my vehicle pointing and shouting at me. I continued filling out the accident data form and the defendant came back out to the Street towards my driver’s door and Officer Johnson immediately told her that she needed to get onto the sidewalk and he would not tell her again. She stated “I didn’t even have a phone, what are you gonna fuckin arrest me?” and no reply was given as she walked toward the sidewalk. I observed people on the opposite side of the street stopped and looking on as the Defendant kept shouting and using profane language. I started to explain the data form and instruct the defendant what she was required to do and she was calling me a motherfucker and a bastard, as well as saying I know your kids. I then turned to a woman seated in the Dodge Neon, handed her the data sheet, and attempted to give instructions, however, the Defendant kept shouting at me calling me an asshole and a motherfucker. The Defendant would walk a few steps, stop and turn, then continue shouting obscenities. I stated I would arrest her if she did not stop and she stated “Fuck you for what? You motherfucker”. The Defendant had traffic stopped, many onlookers across the street stopped and observing her behavior so I approached to place her in custody. The Defendant pulled her arm away from me and twisted her body against a fence so I could not gain access to her arms. I stated “you’re under arrest, just comply” and she again called me a motherfucker further stating I was a big asshole and she watched my kids. I attempted to control her right hand and she grabbed ahold of the fence and pulled away again. Officer Johnson arrived extremely quickly and assisted placing her into custody after a brief struggle which helped so we did not have to force her to the ground. I had Officer Johnson walk her to the station and she was placed into holding. Officer Johnson retrieved her pocket book from the School Bus while doing an inventory for the tow and turned it over to the station officers. The pocket book had a larger black cell phone on top, in plain sight, which was photographed. The Defendant was booked in the usual manner by Lt. A.W. Rymill.



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