Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Elkin Danilo Jimenez POSADA (Shoplifting) Big Kmart

On April 27, 2017, at approximately 16:55 hours, I, Officer Rivera, while in full uniform and working as Alpha 1, was contacted by Kmart Loss Prevention Detective, XXXXX, of a shoplifter who stole a backpack. Officer Canty, who was working as Alpha 2, and I, responded to Kmart.


Once on scene, I spoke to XXXXX who stated that the suspect just fled across the Kmart parking lot, towards Assembly Row. Officer Canty and I were able to stop the suspect at the entrance that is closest to Great River Road. I identified the suspect as Elkin Jimenez Posada. I informed Mr. Posada of the reason for the stop. In his native language of Spanish, he stated that he did not steal a backpack and denied any wrong doing. I then showed Mr. Posada the backpack that he stole and requested that he cooperate. Mr. Posada denied stealing the backpack for a second time. I then asked Mr. Posada if he can provide a valid identification and address to where he is staying. Mr. Posada provided a paper copy of a Columbian passport. I then asked Mr. Posada for a second time to provide an address. Mr. Posada ignored my request and continued to say that he did not steal anything.


After speaking to Mr. Posada, I spoke to XXXXX. He stated that at approximately 16:45 hours, he observed Mr. Posada, via CCTV, selecting a gray backpack from the display. He then stated that Mr. Posada ripped off the UPC label and carried the backpack out of the store, passing all points of sale, failing to pay for the merchandise. He stated that he identified himself and requested that Mr. Posada return to the store. He then stated that he retrieved the stolen backpack from Mr. Posada’s hands. Once the merchandise was recovered, he stated that Mr. Posada fled towards Assembly Row.


I explained to Mr. Posada what XXXXX observed. For a third time, Mr. Posada stated that he did not walk out of the store and he did not steal the backpack. I then asked Mr. Posada for a third time to provide an address to where he is staying. Mr. Posada ignored my request and kept stating that he did not steal anything. He stated that he is just here on a visa. He stated that he selected the backpack and was thinking of purchasing it for his daughter. He then stated that he did not walk out of the store. He stated that he is a good man and would not steal anything. At this point, I informed Mr. Posada that he is under arrest for shoplifting.


Mr. Posada was transported to the Somerville Police Department, via 200, that was operated by Officer Marra. Once at the station, Mr. Posada was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Mulcahy.


The total value of the merchandise is $39.99. Pictures of the incident will be attached to this report. All video surveillance will be provided as soon as it becomes available.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Joseph Rivera #309

Somerville Police Department

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