Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Jose Abel HERNANDEZ (Shoplifting) Super Stop & Shop 


On 04/25/2017, I Officer Joseph S. Teves was working in full uniform assigned to marked cruiser East 1. At 12:58 Pm. I was dispatched to 775 McGrath Highway (Super Stop & Shop) for a male party who was being held in the loss prevention office for shoplifting merchandise out of the store. When I arrived on location I was met by the loss prevention officer on duty, who would be identified as XXXXX. XXXXX informed me that he caught the individual in question, believed to be Abel Hernandez leaving the store with merchandise without paying for it.


XXXXX then led me into the officer where Mr. Hernandez was waiting. I would like to note that Mr. Hernandez did not have a valid form of identification on his persons at the time of our interaction. I contacted Somerville dispatch with the name and date of birth provided by Mr. Hernandez in an attempt to verify the information that I was receiving from him. However there were no matches to the name and date of birth that he supplied me with. I would also like to mention that Mr. Hernandez gave multiple conflicting answers when he was asked where he lived.


I then placed Mr. Hernandez into custody for shoplifting based off of the information that I had received while on location, coupled with the fact that I could not verify Mr. Hernandez’s identity. I would like to note that Mr. Hernandez provided a name of Jose Abel Hernandez at the time of booking.


Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph S. Teves #297

Somerville Police Dept.



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