Somerville Mayor Calling President Trumps Scorecard “Embarrassing”

By Joe Curtatone 

Trump’s 100-day scorecard, by the standards he set for himself, is embarrassing. The list below doesn’t even include his border wall (not going to happen) and his plan to defeat ISIS (non-existent).
Ripping up NAFTA, designating China a currency manipulator, cancelling funds to sanctuary cities (still getting paid), the Muslim ban, repealing Obamacare, massive business tax cut and every other legislative proposal he mentioned have not happened. 
Now, I happen to think this is all good news. So, for those of you out there organizing, rallying and making your voices heard – thank you. We need to keep it going. The first 100 days is only the start. We’ve still got 1,361 to go after that.

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