6 thoughts on “Somerville Mayor Curtatone Video on Somerville Sanctuary City Status ”

  1. If only the interview with Mayor Brune hadn’t been taken down off this page: https://thesomervillenewsweekly.wordpress.com/2017/03/03/former-somerville-mayor-gene-brune-sets-record-straight-somerville-is-not-a-sanctuary-city/

    I listed to it when it was up a couple of months ago. Brune confirmed that what he signed about Somerville being a sanctuary city was limited and EXPIRED when he left office.

    Curatone needs to get his facts straight and needs to stop making up reality to push his agenda and promote himself nationally. Hearing him talk about “FALSE FACTS” is embarrassing.

      1. the article is there but the link is broken. that equates it being down. how can we have a mayor that is spreading false information to promote his agenda and personal career? this is wrong.

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