Always Remember. #OneBostonDay by Joseph Curtatone 


Yet here’s what we should remember when it comes to Officer Sean Collier. He was a young man who made a huge impression on the people around him. His commitment to his family, friends and the people of the city where he grew up was outstanding. He embodied the very best of what it means to serve your community. Sean Collier wanted to do right by people.

So, rather than be angry at those who had nothing to do with the horrific act that took his life or allowing the sadness of a life tragically cut short to overwhelm you, honor him by trying to live up to his example. There’s a giant hole in this world where Sean Collier ought to be. He would be out there every day, making the world a better place. The good he would be doing and the lives he would have touched is a figure too large to calculate. 
No one person can fill the loss of a Sean Collier. All we can do is be the very best versions of ourselves and try to help and stand up for others. Officer Sean Collier would be rolling up his sleeves and making a positive difference. He understood what One Boston meant long before we dedicated the day in honor of him and the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.
The violence that took Sean Collier, Krystle Marie Campbell, Lu Lingzi and Martin William Richard from us should not be what defines their legacies. Keep them in your heart, and go out and do a massive amount of good.

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