Letter to the Editor:Why Did Somerville Sneak In Another Ice Rink Behind Another One?


Hello Speak Up Line,

I have a serious question that someone that I hope has a much needed answer to!

Why do we have two full ice skating rinks on Somerville Ave? There is actually one big full service ice skating rink behind the other full service ice rink? Who on earth would do something stupid like this? The front rink has always been there, but the newer full ice skating rink the was snuck in the rear is only being used I heard by the mayor’s personal friend Igor and his Boston Stars Hockey team who is profiting on it himself and hasn’t paid a dime to the city who also owes other cities and towns rent on Inc rink rent as well? I also heard that this newer rink and at the same time is being used at the city’s expense to train the mayors kids for free and teach them how to skate WTF?

Was there ever a community meeting on this? Did the community and all the alderman agree on this? if the city was even going to build something so idiotic like a new ice skate rink at least put one on one end of the city and the other one on the other side of the city it doesn’t make sense?
I have lived in Somerville almost my whole life and I have just noticed this newer multimillion dollar structure private hockey rink behind the other one today when a friend of mine was dropping his kids off at the park WTF?
Does anyone else even realize that there are two ice rlinks on Somerville Ave one behind the other? Will someone please enlighten me with a good excuse for this and please let me know if I’m missing something?
Ned D

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:Why Did Somerville Sneak In Another Ice Rink Behind Another One?”

  1. Hey Buddy your letter is not worth the paper you write on. The 2nd rink isn’t a “FULL” size rink and to rebut your comments Get your facts straight

  2. They also us the smaller rink for indoor soccer at times and other indoor sports. Along with renting it for party’s .. instead of picking on someone for personal issues over everything do your homework because I knew it was going up along with many others people..

  3. A lot of teams other than the Stars use both rinks. Belmont schools, Somerville, Medford etc., etc. you should really do your homework before posting something like this. These are not truthful nor legitimate facts you have posted.

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