Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Nardeep SINGH (Suspended License, Resisting Arrest)

On the morning of April 8th, 2017, I was assigned to Uniform Patrol in marked unit East-1. At 12:39 AM, while traveling west bound on Washington Street, a public way in the city of Somerville, I observed a black Nissan Sentra drive into the Somerville No Touch Car Wash. I parked my cruiser across the street in front of the Holiday Inn to watch any activity that would take place. I would add that there were two other motor vehicles in the Car Wash lot.


While in the lot, I observed the operator exit the motor vehicle and walk closely past one of the other motor vehicles, who’s occupant was outside and to the rear of the vehicle, and already there prior to the arrival of the Nissan. I also observed the operator immediately get back into his vehicle and leave without washing or vacuuming his vehicle. I drove behind the vehicle and queried the registration which was Mass Reg. XXXXX. The vehicle was registered to Ean Holdings LLC.


Somerville No Touch Car Wash is a high crime area. On February 23rd, I made a narcotic arrest from this location. On March 2nd Ofc. Van Nostrand reported an FIO of a male party at this location with a history of narcotics distribution who was picking up other male parties. There have been calls for check conditions in the past with people that appeared to be using narcotics.


Due to the suspicious activity, I activated my blue lights to conduct a motor vehicle stop at the corner of Washington Street and Inter Belt Road, both public ways in the city of Somerville. I approached the driver, later identified as Mr. Nardeep SINGH, and asked to see his license, and registration. SINGH disregarded my request and stated, “I am an Uber driver, and I’m working.” I asked him again for the proper documentation and again he said “come on man I’m an Uber driver.” I requested his license and registration for a third time, to which he only gave me his Mass. driver’s license. I explained the reason for the stop. SINGH became extremely nervous. I asked SINGH why he was so nervous, and if he had anything in the vehicle that I should be aware of. SINGH responded “No.”


I went back to my cruiser to query SINGH’S license. The results showed that SINGH’S license was revoked. As I was looking at his history, SINGH exited his vehicle and stated to run down Washington Street and took a right onto Crescent Street which is on the Somerville/Boston line.


A foot pursuit occurred. Once I caught up to SINGH, I was able to get him to the ground. I demanded him to place his hands behind his back. SINGH resisted. I was able to place one handcuff on his left hand. While attempting to get his right arm, I again told him to stop resisting, and to give me his right arm. SINGH refused and I told him he was going to get pepper sprayed if he did not give me his right hand. Once I was able to grab SINGH’s right hand and place my second cuff on him. SINGH was apprehended in an alleyway, (no street name.)


I radioed Somerville Dispatch my location and to start Unit-200 for a prisoner transport. Ofc. Beckford, Ofc. Bork, Sgt. Marino, Lt. DeOliveira all responded to my location. I would add that Ofc. Ramirez got into a motor vehicle accident responding to my location.


SINGH was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle while revoked, and resisting arrest. A use of force report was filed for the arrest of SINGH.




Ofc. Alex Lorenti #322

Somerville Police


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