Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Timothy DODSON (Larceny Over)Easter Basket Theft at KMart 


On Sunday, April 09, 2017, while on full uniform patrol for the Alpha Unit, I (Officer Patrick Canty) was contacted on my department issued cell phone, by Kmart Loss Prevention Officer, XXXXX. XXXXX told me that a male who shoplifted from the previous day was in the store. He told me he was with a woman and they had taken two Easter baskets and attempted to leave the store. As, I arrived on scene, XXXXX was attempting to stop the couple however they were ignoring his requests to stop.


I pulled up to the car as they were attempting to flee. Both suspects became evasive and attempted to walk in opposite directions. I was able to stop both parties and called for a second unit. Officer Leo Martini responded as back up. I was able to identify both parties as YYYYY and Timothy Dodson. Both parties appeared extremely nervous and were constantly moving and ignoring my commands. Davis began stating they didn’t do anything and she paid for the merchandise. I asked for a receipt to prove that and she stated she did not have one.


I explained that Loss Prevention had them on camera leaving the store without paying. I then explained to Dodson that I had him on camera stealing merchandise the day before. He immediately stated, ya I can pay for it. I went to my patrol car to look at the suspect’s history via mobile computer, and I ordered them to stay where they were. Mr. Dodson went and sat in his passenger seat, and immediately began stuffing something under the seat.


I ordered him out of the car which he did not do. Immediately, I placed him in handcuffs for officer safety, and asked him what was under the seat, he stated just my cigarettes, go ahead. I looked under the seat and found a pack of cigarettes with a glass pipe in side of it.


I notified Mr. Dodson he was being placed under arrest for the charge of Larceny Over 250.


He was transported to the Somerville Police Department by the transport wagon, Officer Rob Hartsgrove, and booked in the usual manner by the Commander, LT William Rymill.


I then spoke with YYYYY, who stated she was very sorry, and should have paid for the items. I notified her that she would be summonsed for the charge of Shoplifting by Asportation.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Patrick Canty 306


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