Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Raven MOBLEY (Receive Stolen Credit Card)

On the afternoon of Friday, April 07, 2017, I was assigned to marked unit E-3. At 11:15 AM I along with Officer Brioso were dispatched to 40 Union Square (Citizen Bank) for a report of an attempted credit card fraud. Upon our arrival I was flagged over by the bank teller XXXXX. XXXXX stated that the young black female standing three windows to my left was attempting to get $1,400.00 off an invalid credit card. As I was speaking to the clerk, the black female later identified as Raven Mobley attempted to leave the bank. Officer Brioso at that point stopped her from exiting. Ms. Mobely had given the teller a fake Florida I.D accompanied by a Citi Travel Rewards credit card. I asked Ms. Mobley about the card and the I.D that she had given the teller and she stated that the card was stolen and the I.D was a fake.


     The name printed on the card was that of YYYYY. The name on the I.D was the same but with Ms. Mobley’s picture on it. Ms. Mobley was advised of her rights pursuant to Miranda, and was asked if she would talk to me she replied “Yes”. She was asked where she had gotten the card and I.D from, and she replied “Some guy in Florida.” Ms. Mobley stated that she had boarded a plane this morning in Florida and arrived in Boston for the sole purpose of getting money from the cards. When she said cards, I asked if there was more than one? She replied “Yes in my bag.” It was at this point Ms. Mobley was placed under arrest for three counts of receiving a stolen credit card and one count of attempting to commit a crime. Unit #200 was requested to transport Ms. Mobley to the Somerville Police Station where she would be booked in the usual manner by the shift commander Lt. J. DiGregorio.


Respectfully submitted,



Officer Robert M. Pasqualino #271

Somerville Police Department



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