Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Michael CARNEY (PWID Class A, Methuen Warrant), Steve NUNZIATO & Janet JEFFERSON (Somerville Warrants)

Members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit have been conducting an ongoing investigation involving Michael Carney. This narcotic investigation was initiated upon receiving several citizen complaints regarding what was perceived as illegal drug activity occurring out of 57 Bailey Road. I would note that 57 Bailey Road is well known to Members of the Somerville Police due to past drug overdose incidents that occurred at the residence where Police responded and due to previous residents of 57 Bailey Road being arrested by the Drug Control Unit for illegal drug distribution. 


Within the past two Months members of the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit have been conducting surveillance in the area of 57 Bailey Road. During the course of that time period, observations were made of numerous vehicles park in the close vicinity of 57 Bailey Road and observations were made of an unknown white male exiting the front door of 57 Bailey Road and entering these vehicles for about a minute, then exiting the vehicle and returning quickly back to and entering the front door to 57 Bailey Road. The vehicles after the meet with the unidentified male would leave the area. Observations were also made of known Heroin abusers to the Drug Control Unit entering the residence through the front door of 57 Bailey Road for a short period of time before exiting and leaving the area.


Based on our observations, training, experience, we believed these quick meets to be consistent with how street level narcotics transaction are conducted. While conducting surveillance of 57 Bailey Road, Carney was identified by members of the Drug Control Unit as the white male who was involved in the perceived drug transactions. 


On 04/01/2017, Detectives Cicerone, Legros, McNally, Goncalves, and I were working in an undercover capacity assigned to the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit. At approximately 4:00pm, we initiated surveillance of 57 Bailey Road. At 5:25 pm observations were made of the unknown white male and Carney and a brown pitbull dog exiting the front door of 57 Bailey Road where they walked into a red Malibu, which was parked across the street from the residence. Observations were then made of the Malibu traveling onto Mystic Avenue, then taking a right onto McGrath Highway, then taking a left onto Broadway heading eastbound. During this time Detectives conducted a rolling surveillance of the Malibu. The Malibu shortly after travelled to Broadway and Mount Vernon Street where the vehicle parked. During the course of the rolling surveillance Carney was observed on his phone. At this time detectives observed Steven Nunziato at the corner of Broadway and Mount Vernon Street and he appeared to be waiting for someone as he kept looking west down Broadway. I would note that Nunziato is a well known Heroin user to the Drug Control Unit, due to past incidents.


Observations were then made of Carney exiting the Malibu and walking towards Nunziato where the two walked together into the common hallway of 2 Mount Vernon.


Based on our training and experience we believed that Carney was going to Distribute Heroin to Nunziato. At this time, I along with Detectives Cicerone, McNally, and Goncalves with our Police badges prominently displayed on the exterior of our clothing entered the common hallway approached Carney and Nunziato, to conduct a threshold inquiry to further investigate the defendant’s activity. After separating the individuals, and speaking to them, they gave us conflicting stories. Both Carney and Nunziato were shortly after placed in handcuffs as they both had active arrest warrants. Carney shortly after admitted to Detective McNally that he had a Package of Heroin in his right shoe. Detective McNally then located that package of Heroin hidden in the sole of Carney’s right sneaker. Also seized from Carney pant pocket was a black cell phone. During our interaction with Carney and Nunziato, Detective Legros approached the Malibu and had the operator of the vehicle identified as XXXXX him step out of the vehicle where he stayed on the sidewalk with Detective Legros and marked Unit East 1 (Officer Schneider). After speaking with both Carney and Nunziato I walked over to XXXXX to speak to him. XXXXX was advised of his Miranda rights as I read them to him from a card I keep in back pocket. XXXXX stated that he just recently relapsed on Heroin and that today he was over Carney’s house when Carney received a call from Janet Jefferson ordering a package of Heroin for fifty dollars. Carney then asked XXXXX for a ride to Broadway and Mount Vernon Street to conduct his deal. 


I would note that Nunziato is Jefferson’s boyfriend. XXXXX then signed a voluntary statement of what he advised me of. XXXXX shortly after was advised and sent on his way. I then went back to 2 Mount Vernon Street apt 7 to speak to Jefferson. Jefferson declined to speak with me and was placed under arrest for a drug related arrest warrant. Carney, Nunziato and Jefferson was shortly after transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer Haley, where they were then booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant W. Rymill. Detective McNally placed the package of Heroin into evidence. 


Michael Carney will also be charged with the following charges:





Respectfully submitted,


Detective Jason Costa #301

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