Letter to the Editor/Speak Up: Why is the mayor still insisting that Somerville is a sanctuary city when it has been proven not to be one?

Dear Speak Up,

Last week channel 7, channel 5, Necn and now this week Fox News Business Network?

Come on Joe, please give us a break!
Mayor Curtatone, Somerville is not a sanctuary city and it hasn’t been a sanctuary city since 1989. This has been a proven fact and the story was backed up by Former Somerville Gene Mayor Brune who originally made it a sanctuary city in 1987 then canceled his resolution in 1989 and now you’re  still lying to the public. 
Also, you absolutely know that the president cannot have you locked up nor can he take away Somerville’s federal funding because we are not a sanctuary city so why do you continue to stand on your soapbox and preach that big lie?
Are you trying to put fear into the citizens minds that your their savior coming to the rescue and tricking them into supporting you with this bullshit story or are you just in denial. 
If you really want Somerville to be a documented broken ass sanctuary city so bad, then why don’t you and all your 11 Alderman vote on it and see how far that goes?
Maybe if you keep dwelling on this sanctuary city crap then President Trump will take away our funding for sure then we the taxpayers will get stuck with the shortfall of the bill? 
Mr. Mayor you are hurting the people of Somerville financially with your arrogance so please cut the crap!
Mark Dibasi, Winter Hill, Somerville Massachusetts 
Attached below are the three articles that the Somerville News Weekly did the legwork and proved you wrong!




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