Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Pierre LUXAMA (ABDW) 


On Saturday December 31, 2016, at 8:21PM, I, Officer Hartsgrove assigned to marked unit E3 in full uniform, responded to 190 Washington Street (Michael’s Salon) for a report of an unwanted male. Officer Paul Anderson, assigned to marked unit E1 responded as back up. 


On arrival we met with XXXXX, owner of the salon, who stated that a light skinned black male wearing a red shirt, blue jeans and carrying a duffle bag had come in and started to cause a disturbance with other customers. When the male was asked to leave he became confrontational and threw a glass bottle of alcohol on the floor, which shattered and hit XXXXX’s son, YYYYY, in the lip. The male then left and went into the direction of McGrath Highway. I asked XXXXX if he knew the male and he stated that he did and his name was Jub. 


Officer Anderson and I then left to search for the male. While searching the area, I saw a light skinned black male wearing a red shirt, blue jeans and he was carrying a duffle bag on Chester Avenue. I stopped the male, later identified as Mr. Pierre Luxama, and asked him where he was coming from. He stated that he had left a barber shop from down the street. I asked him if it were Michaels, to which he answered,Yes. I also asked him what his name was to which he stated Pierre Luxama. I asked him if he was also called Jub which he answered, Yes. 


I then placed Mr. Luxama in handcuffs and he was arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was transported by unit 200 by Officer Singh to the police station and booked in the usual manner by Lt. DeOliveira.


YYYYY declined medical treatment and sustained a laceration to his bottom and top lip.  


Respectfully submitted,



Officer Robert Hartsgrove 

Somerville Police

Badge #333

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