Western, Southern and Northeastern Junior Highs Class of 1978


Photos:Each picture is one of each of the Junior High School – Class of 1978 – which were combined at the high school in 10th grade and we all became the Class of 1981. Attached is The Western Junior High Class of 1978, The Southern Junior High Class of 1978 and The Northeastern Junior High Class of 1978

On Saturday November 26th at the Montvale Plaza in Stoneham, Somerville High School’s Class of 1981 gathered for their 35th reunion. Class President Laurie (Souza) Raycroft, Class Vice President Rita (Toscano) Coray and Class Secretary Angela Sperduto joined approximately 160 members of the Class of 1981. Entertainment was provided by Somerville’s own Paul DiPanfilo. Reunion Chairman Anthony Accardi organized the event with committee members, Dan Costa, Sonia (Masci) Pearsall, Sonia (Libertone) Lombardi, Roberta (Sensale) Parinello, Loreen (DaSilva) Cinganelli, Isabel (Melo) Dagas and Angela Sperduto. Pictured are group photos of The Classes of 1978 from the old Western Junior High, Southern Junior High and Northeastern Junior High. After graduating from each of the 3 junior highs in June of 1978, these junior high classes combined at Somerville High School in the 10th grade in September of 1978 and went onto become the Class of 1981 in June of that year. 

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a panoramic copy of the class of 1969 photo from Northeastern Junior High on Marshall Street in Somerville MA? The photographer was Errico Studios which no longer exists. I no longer have mine but sure would like to get a copy of it. Any info on how I can get a copy would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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